dead jew child ashes

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    NEVER FORGET! (oh wait, wrong event, totally forgot about the Jews already…)


    and what about all the kids murdered by jews? where is their bag?


    jews =/= state of israel


    well are the Israelites Jewish or not? think they are…ergo…


    Not all of them, that’s why you shouldn’t say Jews. It’s the Israeli government and army that does those things, there is a variety of people who are part of it.


    fair play


    This product is talking about Jews, as in ALL Jews, not just the ones you have a problem with down in Israel. If you want to make a company which ships you little bags called “Dead Palestinian Child” which is supposedly ashes of children killed by [again, insert military/political entity. “Hitler’s reign” corresponds pretty well to a nation-state during a specific time period], THAT would be the equivalent, not what you have suggested. Every discussion of the Holocaust for every Jew (plus gypsies, homosexuals, etc.) worldwide shouldn’t have to put up with thread-hijacking by those who can’t be bothered into… Read more »


    If the arabs lay down their arms, there will be peace.
    If the Jews lay down their arms, there would be no Israel.


    you really think that? lol


    “If the arabs lay down their arms, there will be peace.
    If the Jews lay down their arms, there would be no Israel.”

    Tell that to Fulkan Dogan.


    Fulkan Dogan? Is that like a Ukrainian Hulk Hogan rip-off?


    Yeah I’ll admit I thought the same. No he was a 19 year old unarmed American citizen who was shot 5 times at close range by Israeli soldiers. 1 time in the back of the head, in the face, in the back and twice in the leg.

    I’m sure he was attacking the soldiers in three different directions all at once especially with the third arm that grew out of his back, so don’t worry about it.


    That’s pretty fucked up. I have to say I’m no fan of the Israeli Military’s practises.


    You mean Furkan Dogan.

    Also, what source did you use for where he was shot? Mine says 4 in the head, 1 in the chest.

    And yes, it does make a difference.


    The 19 year old who woke up and thought, “Surely running an Israeli blockade is not dangerous and surely it will not get me killed.”, and was later shot running an Israeli blockade? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of Israel or Palestinians, but somehow, and I know I’m weird like this, but somehow people doing stupid shit to provoke a military known for going over the top with violence just doesn’t garner a lot of sympathy from me. If he didn’t think running an Israeli military blockade wasn’t dangerous, then he is in high running for a… Read more »


    He wasn’t running any blockade. He was on a boat in international waters, unarmed and he had nowhere to run.

    People have been killed, laws were broken. At least you’re not denying that the army was reckless and before anyone tries to claim it was done in self defence, ask yourself why Israel confiscated ALL of the footage. Why they refuse to show the footage of the people getting killed and why they’re against a neutral investigation about this.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Dammit, Die. At the very least, quit parroting the weakest arguments you get from activist websites. Maritime laws allow a nation to intercept a vessel in international waters if there is reasonable suspicion that it is intending to violate a blockade or carrying contraband. The Israeli boarding of those ships has the same legal protection as a country that uses force to stop cocaine smugglers.


    Activist website? It has been reported like this on the news. Is the French foreign minister an activist also? Or any of the other leading authorities that have condemned those actions by referring to international law. They also consider the blockade illegal, show me how many liberal authorities consider the blockade legal and I’ll change my mind maybe.

    In any case, all right they boarded the ships, why did they have to shoot people in the back and in the head, numerous times? If it was all so legit, why won’t they publish all of the footage.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Bernard Kouchner is cool guy in my book, but he’s a medical doctor by training. Its reasonable to expect him to be wrong about international maritime law when asked an impromptu question during a radio interview.


    Ok then, what about Goldstone who called the blockade a possible crime against humanity. It doesn’t even matter what kind of people I bring up, you’ll always have something to criticise. Even the Obama administration called the situation unsustainable. Or what about Nelson Mandela? He condemned the blockade also. And you still didn’t bring up any liberal authorities who agree with the blockade, you certainly won’t find any great number of supporters with whom you agree politically on anything else.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Exactly, you keep bringing up all kinds of *people*. But it doesn’t matter to me how many “big names” you mention, that doesn’t bring any logic or reason to your argument. I’m not the type of sheeple that’s going to change my mind just because so-and-so disagrees with me.


    Aren’t you a person too? You’re arguing against me, why should I consider anything you say? I’m not the type of sheeple that’s going to change my mind just because you disagree with me.

    When I bring up people, you accuse me of not using logic. When I bring up statistics and cold hard facts, you call it scary statistics and make jokes. I’m getting tired of this reboot. You disagree with me and you have no interest in what people think so leave me alone already.

    I use logic, values and reason in my argument. I don’t point to some famous person who agrees with me and expect you accept an argument from authority.
    If you want me to “leave you alone”, then quit bringing up your flotilla agenda on unrelated threads.


    I didn’t just bring up famous people but authorities and experts who have realistically speaking more experience than you and I and even that took me a long time. That’s not how I started out. You ridiculed my arguments when you had nothing to say back. I also didn’t start this Israel discussion so don’t blame me. Where else have I brought up “my flotilla agenda” where it was unrelated? Quit painting me as someone I’m not.

    You brought up the guy who died on the flotilla. You committed a lie by omission by not even acknowledging the context of his death for several posts. If someone read your first couple posts, they would have assumed that IDF just shot some random guy. Then you outright lied about him not running any blockade. Which is the one indisputable fact in this whole situation. You can argue that the blockade is immoral. You can argue that the blockade is illegal. But either way, they were trying to break through it. It was only after you were several posts… Read more »


    First you say,

    “Then you outright lied about him not running any blockade.”

    then you say,

    “But either way, they were trying to break through it.”

    Which is it now? Where was that 19 year old when he got killed and where is the blockade?

    Also, how could anyone justify that an unarmed got killed by being shot at close range once in the face, in the back of the head, in the back and twice in the leg? What context do you need?

    I’m not playing the victim, I’m tired of talking to you.

    From a maritime law perspective, it doesn’t matter where they were. This isn’t a line on the map argument, as soon as they set sail with the intention of going to Gaza, they were running a blockade. Highlighting the word “trying” doesn’t change anything. That’s like getting busted for dealing drugs and claiming that you were only *trying* to deal.


    Yeah except that in this case the drugs were certain food items that are banned in Gaza and cement that has been made illegal as well. I disapprove of the blockade based on the teachings of the people who were nearly killed en masse, trying to run it wasn’t a crime to me. You’re just trying to make me think the way you do at this point, it’s an opinion not a law of nature. The people who were killed were on a ship with nowhere else to go, at the time of their deaths they couldn’t have run through… Read more »


    reboot likes to capitalise on emotional sensitivity … i like this


    First, why would you put your kid on a ship in harm’s way? That’s just bad parenting right there. I know I do what I can to protect mine, letting him go with me to bust through a known blockade is just asking for trouble and I have no sympathy for his parents, only for the kid who honestly had no idea of what kind of trouble he was being put into. But I guess that’s up there with using human shields and launching rocket attacks from residential areas so I’m not really surprised as well. Secondly, the Israeli’s were… Read more »


    I fail at linking, so here’s fixed link:


    Oh yeah, good job Reuters for cropping a knife out & hiding blood:

    At least the Turkish website had the journalistic integrity to not doctor photos…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    How do we know the knife wasn’t cropped in?

    Also a knife on a boat is pretty mandatory. So the argument is stupid either way.


    Kid? You mean the 19 year old? He was an adult, legally. The injured Israeli soldiers were actually treated by doctors on the ship, while the people who were shot by Israeli soldiers bled to death. The people on the ship contacted the army saying that their injured people needed better medical attention so they knew. I don’t know what you’re talking about, the IDF footage was shown all over the place. Haven’t you seen Glenn Beck? He totally did a balanced report on this. If what you said is true, Israel could publish the footage they confiscated and would… Read more »


    Riiiight. And I’m sure the Arabs say the same the other way ’round. There’s equal fault on all sides for the mess there.


    if the arabs lay down their arms, the jews would wipe them out and plant weapons as ‘evidence’ they are still continuing the conflict

    jews are nothing if not scheming bastards


    looks a couple of grams short

    you should prolly kill your dealer

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca


    I believe it was a few hundred thousand though that number has since been embellished on and bullshitted and now they say 6 million.

    Next year it will be 10 million.

    btw: 10 : 1 that’s a cheap Chinese knockoff. That’s why there’s less baby sand.


    shhhhh that illegal


    you really are an ignorant donkey, for there are kilometers of original documents stating the exacts numbers of that manslaughter.
    And please ignore the witnesses, the executors, the survivors of that killing machine that was the lager system.


    If there are documents with EXACT numbers, then how come even the “official” count has gone through more ups and downs than sex? And have you heard of bribes, threats, lies, confessions given under torture, mental illnesses and other sources of questionable testimonials? I am not denying that some, if not many witnesses have spoken the truth, and that the Holocaust did happen, but its proportions are subject to some serious criticism. Luckily, I live in a country where I won’t get jailed for doing that.


    we witness a passing phase of eternity. important things happen but some people never notice. accidents intervene. you are not present at episodes. you depend on reports. and people shutter their minds. what good are reports? history in a news account? preselected at an editorial conference, digested and excreted by prejudice? accounts you need seldom come from those who make history.

    -darwi odrade

    tiki god

    just becuase you personally see the numbers all over the places doesn’t mean that the number really all over the place.

    if I say 6 million were killed in WW2, that’s true.
    if I say 60 million were killed in ww2, that’s also true.

    6 million jews, 60 million over all. there’s a ton of numbers in between there for different categories of dead. that 5-6 million number for jews has been pretty well documented and stable since the information about the camps and the holocaust came out.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    6 million wasn’t the number until a few years ago.

    Until the 80’s the number was 2 – 3 million.

    Its not well documented. I mean seriously…you guys realize the records were kept in buildings that were demolished and fire bombed?

    You are aware that at the time record keeping wasn’t a strong point for anyone.

    No you’re not.


    oh, if they were 2-3 millions then no problem… you have to understand that those X millions of executed jews were not war casualties, but victims of a scheme involving extermination of jews first, and then other categories: the SS killing machine was, in the minds of its creators, the ultimate weapon against ALL the “wrong” people. That must have included you and me, i’m sure… hell, it even included some german categories, and lets not talk about the veterans of WWII, those soldiers which gave mental and physical health for their “heimat” (DieA, am i right here?). tl:dr –… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You’re a fucking idiot with a grade 12 education. YOU have to TRY to understand that you’ve been fed bullshit. Are you able to do that you fucking retard? I had 2 grand fathers in WWII and 1 is still kicking. The war wasn’t about the jews or any other perceived undesirables. They were an after thought and the “final solution” was just an extension of Isaac Newton’s eugenics theory. 2 – 3 million…not no problem but give up the cause already. 20 million Russians (again an estimate) and you don’t hear them crying. 2 – 300 hundred thousand and… Read more »


    it is clear that you have no idea of what you are talking, so i stop here. In the future i suggest you to have less prejudices.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You can’t make a solid argument back because you’re an idiot so you think you can just call victory and waddle away?

    You got told off, fuckface. You’re too stupid to have the conversation you thought you could.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You’re a dicksuck if you think there are actually “kilometers of original documents”. There are not exact numbers in any way shape or form. They have estimates which depending on who you ask cite either 6 million concentration camp victims in total and 2 million being Jewish or its 6 million jews. The latter is if you ask some cry baby jew. 6 million is a number that wasn’t even a part of the Nuremberg trials. The appalling ignorance is again on the part of the gap jawed slow kids who can’t even grasp the fact that they’re the slow… Read more »


    so you think we are all victims of some sort of mind trick?? you do not fuck retards, you are a retard, and i say this with the most high respect for true retards: they have no guilt, but you do. In the last 65 years, 2 generations of historicists have spent their careers in the effort of build a plausible and provable reconstructions of what had happened during WWII, in Germany and in all the other countries involved in the conflict… then some idiot started to write bullshits on internet forums, and all their work is ignored TOO MUCH… Read more »

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    How do you piece back together ash you fucking ass hat.

    Mind trick? You think it takes a mind trick to bullshit people for sympathy?

    You a god damned fucking moron. 2 generations have spent their careers sifting through rubble and ash so that you and your fellow queers can read about the exact number of jews who got offed during a war. Right.

    You have the highest respect for true retards because they’re smarter than you.

    I just fuck them.

    Now fuck off.


    dear friend, i am interested in all the aspects of that conflict, not only jews or lagers. i have learned a lot of what happened in those years. i don’t forget all the other millions of people from all the sides that died as soldiers or as civilians. Instead, you seem to have an obsession with those X millions of jews, this seem to really disturb you: this is insane.

    dear friend, fuck you.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    You’ve learned what you think is a lot but is in fact just a lot of bullshit.

    I have an obsession with demolishing your mom’s asshole.

    If you’re so interested in all aspects of “that conflict” then why are you so embarrassingly uninformed about it?


    ORIGINAL documents,….just like all those nazis who got away with ‘legitimate’ identification papers with false names on them

    hell, back then, you could print a new document, grab a paintbrush and paint coffee over the paper to make it look old and brown, and presto, it looks old it must be legit

    plus with all the expert forgers who could do signatures, there’d be plenty of ‘official’ documents signed by the nazi leaders


    Holy fucking shit! Tasteless x 100.

    Plus, someone is making money off of this?


    Why am I not surprised that half the label is in German? If nobody else wants to support the Holocaust industry, then at least the Germans will.


    i this must be a troll artefact


    also, i am totally lol’ing at the barcode irony here.


    omg, I think I’m supposed to be boycotting this. Made in Israel!


    So Kosher or not?


    “Dead jew child”,
    funny shit.
    You DieA. why couldn’t this be you
    we could a have a part of you.

    Did you just call me a child? And you want a part of me? How about we shake hands, that way you’ll get dead Jewish skin cells and I can say I’ve spoken to a raccoon. It’s almost as good as the real deal I swear.

    DEAL!!!!! 😀


    be careful, that’s totally his fap hand. you might give him some dead skin cells, but i doubt that is the only kind of DNA you will be getting in return


    dead skin and sperm cells?
    sounds like DieA is trying to impregnate Nobody_Knows through hand contact

    congratz Nobody_Knows, youre a dad


    yer totally doin it wrong

    to get a raccoon pregnant, you have to fuck it in the face


    Huh, wrong is wrong…
    There’s no need to analyse it.

    In any case, I’ll take her smile, non-ashed please.


    Aw haha. That last line is so romantic and I’m not being sarcastic either.


    The blockade is legal, there’s numerous examples of it to provide precedent in a court of law. One of them being the blockade by the USA in Cuban waters of Russian ships carrying missiles.


    Hi Hasbara!


    Even in death this jew child is trying to make money selling himself.


    I’d totally buy it, cut it with coke and snort it.


    They mix that with “Dead Palestinian Child” because the rest of the world cant tell them apart.



    boobs boobs boobs

    I wonder if we can reconstruct from the ashes whether they really belong to a child or to a female in breeding age with big boobs. In the latter case, I’ll truly hate all nazis, more than BJ Blazkovicz, more than Indiana Jones.


    This bag reminds me that Hitler clearly didn’t kill enough of them.


    If someone steps up and kills all the kikes in the world, i will say thank you.

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