not really in the mood

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    When extreme measures such as those are used to ward off sex, it’s time to leave the bitch.


    Fuck it, I like a challenge


    agreed. divorce begins in the bedroom.


    since when does it matter whether she wants it or not?


    Her eyes are perpendicular symbols.


    It`s Jesus Christ and her hubby!

    Jesus Christ

    TOTALLY, but this is totally inaccurate. You need the 8,000 miles of ocean between the two.


    The electrified fence is a nice touch.

    Jesus Christ

    Basically the same thing.

    brb video games


    “No woman anywhere has ever wanted sex, ever!”

    Peter Griffin


    who took this picture of my bedroom? GET OUT


    She’s just playing hard to get.


    For the 1st year of marriage, put a coin into a jar each time you have “relations”. Take a coin out each time for all following years. Not only will the jar never empty, but to avoid wasting money, you may find IOUs in the jar. Just make sure they’re in her handwriting.


    Must be a really good book she’s reading.

    purple banana

    Thank god my man is like me. We don’t go at it less than eight times in a week for three years, and it’s always amazing. I feel bad for our roommate :\


    My dad has his weaknesses. No, he didn’t go aounrd womanizing or getting drunk or wasting earnings on gambling; on the other hand, he can be so tender-hearted that he couldn’t muster enough authority and will to be the kind of father I wanted to have. My ideal father was one who would protect his family from dishonor, especially his daugthers; one who would be the wise voice together with the mother that would impart practical yet long-lived advice to his children. My dad wasn’t the pillar of the home which I wanted him to be. He was very awkward… Read more »

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