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    Wut? Kick Ass was awesome!



    And how is a comic movie hipster? The way it was advertised mostly on the internet? Is it because the comic itself was so popular? Then that would make comics hipster…

    I’m confused now. My head hurts too. Fuck you.


    I too am confused as to how this qualifies as a “hipster movie”. The only explanation I can come up with is that “hipster” has become such a bland and overused term that is basically means, “Someone I don’t like who doesn’t fit into any other easily identifiable category”.

    And Mary Sue? Really? It’s a superhero movie. Most of the Mary Sue criteria go right out the window the moment superheroes get involved, so the only one who remotely could be considered a Mary Sue is the little kid (Hit Girl?), and no one gives a shit about that because 11 year old serial killers are fucking awesome.

    fracked again

    I guess every comic book written by Warren Ellis is Mary Sue material, too.


    I define a hipster as a person who recently does things that you have been doing since highschool.

    Oh you like to listen to jocular blues metal, grow a thick mustache, wear flannel shirts, and ride a bike around town? I’ve been doing that since higschool, motherfucker.

    Oh, you like to watch zombie movies and drink PBR? I was doing that in MIDDLE SCHOOL, bitch!


    Directed by Quintin Tarantino?


    The movie owns


    I think this whole thing is just an attempt at trolling. The idea’s are just so far off… How can it be anything else?


    in all seriousness, I don’t know what “Mary Sue” is supposed to indicate.
    It seems like an awfully general term to try and google-decipher


    CLearly isnt a Mary Sue, because that would require awesome or a personal triumph.

    Kickass was a SHIT character who fucked up EVERYTHING. He was CONSTANTLY outdone by everyone around him. He really was just a kid. Not a kid who was badass at fighting. Just a kid. Who constantly got the living shit kicked out of him, trusted to much, and pretty much fucked every situation up in that film.

    If he fucked up alot and then got awesome, I’d understand calling him a Mary Sue

    But he remains shit throughout. And he really plays no part in the end…
    Fuck it,

    He was a plot device.

    tiki god

    are you sure you know what a mary sue is? cause it doesn’t require being awesome or having a personal triumph, not sure where you got that idea from, being a Mary Sue is when the writer puts themselves in the story via one of their characters.

    the entire idea of the “kick ass” story is a giant mary sue, with ‘kick ass’ the character being the primary motivator behind the whole thing.

    isn’t the entire point of the KA story “what if a real person tried to be a super hero”?


    That was supposed to be the point, but anything “real” departed when they introduced physics-defying gunfights and martial arts, and a jetpack with miniguns. And a lead character who was the least interesting thing about the story.


    It’s as if you’ve never seen a movie flintlock. Suspension of disbelief is a key requirement for any willing movie/comic/graphic novel/fiction audience member.

    Hit Girl is a ten year old badass assassin wish an affinity for butterfly knives, your argument is invalid.


    When Hit Girl first came on the screen and started ripping those guys apart, I turned to my girlfriend and said “this is officially my favorite movie of all time.”


    I’ve seen thousands of movies and am perfectly capable of suspending disbelief. That doesn’t make this movie any better to me.

    But I guess that comes with having an opinion that doesn’t just follow all the fanboy salivating. For the record, I had high hopes for Matthew Vaughn after Layer Cake and Stardust, but the tone of Kick-Ass is schizophrenic. It’s moderately entertaining, but there’s nothing interesting or likable to the ostensible lead character, and the movie is packed with mindless cliches and fabricated controversy.

    Then again, I also knew that fanboys would declare it a new saviour mostly because it has an 11 year old girl slaughtering mobsters and saying “cunt”. I need a little more than that.

    fracked again

    Then may I suggest the snooty foreign films section, cunt?


    “Mary Sue” is more than just putting yourself in the story via a character. The character has to be pivotal in the story and is nearly always the one who saves the day. Mary Sues also tend to have what is known as “script immunity” ( Can survive/escape from literally impossible odds because the writer makes it so. :p )

    madhouses visites



    It always makes me giggle when people try to pick apart works of fiction.
    So go on, use your “wits” and Fancy “psychology” that you learned at community college and try to learn the deeper meaning behind a made up character in a made up world.
    I’ll be sitting over here, laughing.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Laugh away.

    Because by ‘over here’ you mean dwelling on minimum wage and complaining 80% of your waking hours and by ‘sitting’ you mean your fat ass is stuck in your chair again.

    What doesn’t La z boy make a double wide? Its cruel.

    Oh quick question: what if we went to an ivy league university or two and learned how to pick apart works of fiction to get what the author was really reacting to and commenting on? Are you going to laugh if I give you a really nice tip for your excellent service?


    Oh, sorry, I went out and did stuff after commenting on this and forgot all about it. Hope you weren’t sitting around waiting for some kind of remark. Maybe you want to use this to look up the definition of dwelling, because you used it wrong in that sentence. You Ivy League retard.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Knowing that Mary Sue term makes you a fag, fags.

    Kickass was decent enough but nothing awe inspiring.

    parasitegod is a retard.

    You pulled apart the plot and then referred to him as a device. You don’t know what a protagonist is do you? Back to high school English for you, fuckface.

    fracked again

    Looks like you just lost the game.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    That makes sense.

    To a retard faggot.

    fracked again

    You now know what a Mary Sue is, which makes you a fellow faggot. Let’s go shopping together, Marge. I have the perfect little girl dress picked out for you. It will just look fabulous on you!


    Wait, just looking this up turned me into a lesbian? Dammit. Oh well, I’ve already got the wardrobe.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    No, faggot. I’m afraid I had to look it up and shake my head.

    Also you’re as funny as you are clever.

    Why do you even come to this site? Or…why do you comment? You always get ripped on.

    How many places are you hoping to be the biggest loser in?


    Are you talking to yourself? That’s the only thing that would make your post make sense.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    I was talking to the other guy.

    Welcome to MCS.

    Follow the lines to corresponding responses. Not the post that follows when replying to a post.

    I know things can be confusing for people like you but that’s why you get all the sweet parking spots.


    I know who you were talking to, troll. You just did a better job describing yourself than fracked again. Perhaps you would have understood me better if I had used pictures. Big, colourful, cartoony pictures.

    fracked again

    Sorry, Marge, that isn’t how it works. You know what a Mary Sue is, and now there is no going back. Now I’ll have to make you wear the nipple clamps, you dirty little twink. 😉

    I know what you are after. You called me a retard faggot, and your current name is “I fuck retards.” You can’t hide it from everybody any longer, and you don’t have to.

    I do just fine, you are the only one who really tries to troll me, and when you fail, you hide for a month or two, masturbating furiously over me until you cum blood, then come back with a new icon and name. I think your passion for me has warped your sense of reality.


    I haven’t seen this film, and have no opinion, but reading up on Mary Sue led me to this, which is where Mary Sue tendancies turn to full blown mental disorders:


    The character is male.

    It is a Gary Stu.

    teezy weezy

    Its shit.

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