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Hmmmmm. Starting to feel that there’s some kind of theme i’m supposed to be getting from these posts.


Way to totally take a quote out of context


is there any other meaning of the quote within it’s context?



For the excerpt this quote is taken from.

I’d like to make note that this is quote in the above picture is presented as a singular statement rather than the end of a sentence. Thus the quote is indeed taken out of context.


I skimmed through the site, seems like this quote is the gist of it. Can you offer why you feel this is out of context?


Well, the freedom from religion foundation is an Aetheist socity, and its adverts are designed to mock the religious and ‘prove’ that the founding fathers were anti-religion. As it happens, the gist of this article is actually in favour of the separation of religion and government in order that religion and liberty may flourish (both seens as either essential to the public good, or at the very least extremely worthwile).

I like that Julia Sweeney is on their board. The talentless comedian who played Pat on SNL…is on their board. Along with a whole roster of fucking losers (alive) and implied board members (dead) going back a few hundred years.


Isn’t that what the “greater purity” implies there tho?

fracked again

Mock the religious? I would disagree with that as someone who takes great joy in mocking the religious (at least those that ask for it). This does not suggest that Madison was anti-religion, but supports the central theme that the separation of church and state is something that was supported by many of the founders. Religion has flourished in the US, partly due to this separation. Without state sponsorship, the churches must compete and fight for members and money. Now the churches want to seize power and control over the political machinery and to feed off the largess of the… Read more »


Bollocks. The quote is entirely in context with the intent behind it preserved. You’re assuming a warped meaning because of the source vs who is using it, but the misuse is all in your head.


TIKI Please start charging these guys for the free advertising you’re doing for them! Its an excellent source of income!

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

ffs ffrf is lame.

fracked again

Then stay in Canada with your queen buggering Anglicans, Marge.


Atheism site promotes action to make religion “exist in greater purity”.



FFRF isn’t an atheism site. It’s in favor of separation between church and state. The point they’re making here is that separation is better for both atheists and the religious.

Making religion “exist in greater purity” is in no way against their main purpose.


Since the term “retards” has already been introduced… For those retards who failed 3rd grade civics, several states founded an official religion but those who drafted the Constitution, the Declaration and wrote The Federalist Papers wanted a “freedom OF religion.” But if you bother to read the writings of Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Story and all the rest, you might accidentally learn something. Not that you idiots are going to bother. BTW – what was the initial design of the Liberty Bell? (F$&*Wads?)

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

My ballsack?