nasa blackbirds

nasa blackbirds

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    Beautiful designs. Truly unmatched.


    I saw one of these in person in Georgia a few years back…They are huge, the pictures are deceiving.


    I saw the one at the Air & Space museum near Dulles and it was actually a lot smaller than I had imagined.

    Big Iff

    There was an A-12 parked about 3 blocks from my house at the Ft. Snelling’s Air Guard Museum… Sadly, the CIA stole it for their own and out of the kindness of their hearts… replaced it with a MIG-15 Fagot.


    Having been through that museum, I assumed you were expostulating on your opinion of the replacement craft, but you’re right, it is listed as a Fagot. Huh.


    Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird… At one time this used to be my favorite jet in the whole wide world. I was convinced Darth Vader flew these things.


    I thought there were only 2 dudes in Daft Punk.


    I almost touched one near the Dulles Airport before the museum (The Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center) there was set up. My dad works for Lockheed Martin and he knew someone who worked for the airport that owned the hangars that plane and others were being kept at before the museum was ready and he took my family out to look at them. I almost ran up and touched it before they stopped me. I tried the same thing with the space shuttle Enterprise that was there too, lol.


    I must disagree with AnimalMachine

    I saw one a few years back at Duxford (Air museum/port here in UK) And was shocked how much small it was. It was still as beautiful, and you could touch it. And quite frankly that shits boner material.


    Still the ballsiest plane ever built.