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Article 11, bitches.


I agree. But isn’t Atheism a form of religion? An organized form of belief and worship such as science?

fracked again

Don’t be stupid, you moron.


Actually, I don’t think he is that far off point. I believe Timmays statement is inaccurate, in that Atheism is not a form of worship, however, If you look up the definition of religion, you will see many definitions. Some include religious dogma, deities, god(s) and so on, and some don’t. However the common factor across all the definitions is that of a belief system. A common way or methodology of looking at and explaining life, the universe and everything, as it were. So the question then becomes, is Atheism a belief system? And I think the answer to that… Read more »


There is a difference between believing there is no god and knowing there is no god.

Those who accept scientific principles know there is no god.

fracked again

No, thats gnostic vs agnostic. Richard Dawkins holds the position of agnostic atheist to be the most intellectually honest stance available. He doesn’t believe in any gods, but does not know to a level of 100% certainty. He would accept evidence if it were presented and held up to careful examination. I happen to agree with him.


Thank you, that makes a whole lot more sense.


OK, you lost me.

How does accepting scientific principles allow you to “know” that there is no such thing as “god”? I guess the first question is, how did you define “god”? And then, how did you determine whether or not such a thing exists?


You’ll probably get usual “prove I’m wrong, bitch” stuff. Because he just know.


Oh yeah, nice, way to go on the formatting there PB..

fracked again

Atheism is not a religion. It is a binary position on belief in god/s/ess/es. Being an a-fairy-ist is not a belief system either.

Secular humanism is a belief system, but also not a religion, despite common claims to the contrary.

Some forms of Buddhism are atheist, and are religions.

Raelism is atheist and a religion, even if it is a completely ridiculous one.

Science is a method, not a religion, nor a belief system.


I agree on Atheism not being a religion. At least by 50% of the definitions out there. But a “binary position on belief in gods” sounds like a fancy way of saying you either believe or do not believe there is a god, either way you believe one or the other. Everything you have said so far makes sense, except for what i’ll refer to non-religious belief systems. I think our definitions of a “belief system” do not jibe. When I talk about belief systems, I am talking just as much about what one believes, as much as how they… Read more »

fracked again

Well, you are either atheist or not, except for those who claim no knowledge whatsoever and try not to make a decision either way.

Atheism/theism is a belief, but not a system that informs one’s directions and actions.


Yes, you are correct, I understand that part, however beliefs generally do not exist in a vacuum. They are usually supported by some paradigm, some system, or school of thought, something that provides a way of explaining the rationale of those beliefs. This is why I do not subscribe to the idea of belief as a purely binary position on something, as you have described it. There is always more to it than that. There is always a framework within which a person believes what they believe. And that framework is what I am referring to as a belief system.… Read more »

fracked again

Well, atheism and theism as binary positions is a useful framework, but perhaps it would be better to describe it as a hockey puck. Atheism on one side, theism on the other, and a rim that you can set it on to avoid one or the other (agnostic neutral). You have to work to stay on that rim if you get knocked about, but some find it possible. For me, as a secular humanist, atheism is a supporting concept. If you follow something like a Calvinist predetermination, humanism is pointless, everything is due to god (please ignore the doctor who… Read more »


Well I see your point with everything else, except for most “hard atheists” falling into an “agnostic atheist” stance. That has not been by experience. Many of the ones I run into are the “I *Know* there is no God because of SCIENCE(tm)! And anyone who believes differently is mentally impaired!” type. I do agree with you that a great many disservices have been done to the human race in the name of religion. However it is also true that many great acts of good have also been performed for the same reason. Being unable to tally these in any… Read more »


Where are you definitions from?

Give me definitions of “religion” and “beliefs system”.


Stay on topic.


Atheism is a religion the same way that being bald is a hair color.


Bingo !

Thank you LOL


Ok, I agree that Atheism is not intrinsically a religion. However this analogy makes no sense. It is unnecessarily narrow. It would be more appropriate to think of having no hair as a hair style not a hair color.

This means that being an atheist does not preclude you from being a member of another belief system, though it may not necessarily be a religious one.


I differ. I think it’s a fine analogy.

I can safely relegate religion to the dustbin with all the other irrelevant ideas that people waste time, money and energy on, and occasionally try to pass into law.

It’s like being bald because, much like being bald my belief or disbelief reflects the non-existence of my opinion.

It isn’t that I *don’t believe* in your religion, it’s that unless some evidence presents itself to the contrary it’s beneath my consideration unless someone is attempting litigate my behavior or freedoms because of these beliefs.


Actually that is an even worse analogy.

How about we come up with a better analogy?

Or don’t actually, because your position is valid on it’s own, without all of these silly analogies.


Depends. Is a rock a form of cake, or no cake at all?


Enough with the bad analogies already… 😛


any time now.


I’d rather call it “opinion exchange”. For this we have internet.

Oh, and for porn.


But, but, my mythology!


total BS, as to the ‘freedom of religion’….american money has ‘in god we trust’ on it..dont you have to swear on a bible in court?

it may not be founded on christianity, but religion sure as hell plays a huge part in america, and the legal processes, and what not…

Somebody like you and just as important as him probably said that right back to him after he said it but where’s that quote?


Doesn’t specify which god, and their are many religions in this country. Some rich white settler just went: “Hey swear on this, this works” with the bible.

fracked again

In God We Trust was put on money in order to show the godless commies who was boss in 1956.

It was a blatant rejection of the first amendment.


“Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

John Adams


It’s funny how people pull only the quotes that work for them for any given purpose…

Think Tank

“Think Tank is fucking AWESOME!!!”

— Ben Franklin


It works both ways.


John Adams The second President (or tenth if you consider John Hanson the first) wrote to Thomas Jefferson on June 28, 1813: The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were. . . . the general principles of Christianity. . . . I will avow that I then believed, and now believe, that those general principles of Christianity are as eternal and immutable as the existence and attributes of God; and that those principles of liberty are as unalterable as human nature. However, Adams is often quoted as saying, “This would be the best of all possible worlds, if… Read more »

fracked again

It was not founded as a christian nation. It was founded as a nation with a lot of christians in it.

The Treaty with Tripoli was read aloud and unanimously approved by Congress.

(at least you are giving credit for your copypasta now)