aircraft carrier divers

aircraft carrier divers

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    I was expecting stukas, excellent titling skills tiki.

    This looks mad fun


    um, no one is diving


    No clue why, but that scares the shit out of me. I have nightmares about big ships in water and no being able to get out of the way or am in filthy water.


    Ok, I’m confused. Is it the filthy water that does you in, or the big ship?


    Both. I was always trying to get away from the ship (usually a Staten Island ferry) and water in the harbor is disgusting. Gives me the creepies to even think about it.


    Wow. They absolutely wouldn’t let us do that when I was in. The nuke reactors onboard the CVNs have less shielding near the bottom of the ship, as well as huge sea chests (think holes in the ship where seawater is sucked in for cooling & such) that will pin you to the underside. I wonder what ship that was. Probably part of a shellback ceremony…

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