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freedom OF religion lets people worship or not, as they choose

freedom from religion sounds kinda bastardly

fracked again

They primarily defend the right of people not to be religious. Great folks.


I thought that was already a protected right…

fracked again

In principle yes, but it can be very difficult to hold a job as a teacher for example, and in parts of the south, it is an invitation to be run out of town. Being promoted in the military can be difficult as well. Also, there are many states with laws that say no atheists can hold public office. Even though they hold no weight based on current SCOTUS ruling, they do still exist. The repubs work very hard to out christian each other and make elections into exactly the kind of religious tests that would otherwise be illegal. Because… Read more »


LOL… OK, that reminds me of a movie, didn’t think it really happened it real life. But it would also explain where all these Militant Atheists are coming from…


I can guarantee it still happens, at least in Maryland and West Virginia.


Oh, I believe you, I just keep forgetting how far irrational behavior can go.


Do you have any source?


Supposedly. But, tell that to the lawmakers that push through laws that have absolutely no reason for existing beyond religious morality. ( See for example Alabama’s attempt at outlawing sex toys )

Jesus Christ

Scheduling a public protest for this including nipple clamps and butt-plugs, asap.


whats the point? did i miss some big controversy over utahs governor being forced to take a test to prove that hes mormon?



The “conservatives” want to bring this country under Jesus Sharia law or some fucked up retarded shit.


I actually read T.F.A. and don’t see anything in the “ideological purity” article thing that equates to Jesus Sharia law. Please try again.


shitstorm in 3…2…

TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

I read up to the part where it states it source as the Jew York Times.

Alarmist bullshit is comical.


cry about it.


At this point the whole Religion vs Atheist Debate bores the shit out of me. I don’t care who wins. I believe what I believe and you believe what you believe. Tread on me and I’ll kill you!


Well fukken sed.


Most of the time I basically feel the same. Once in a while though, something pricks my protective bubble and I’m back in.


Geez, don’t you think that’s a little harsh? How about you just envenomate them. There’d be a guaranteed trip to the hospital ER for that. Maybe they lose a limb. Maybe they go into cardiac arrest for a bit. I think that’s fair…

I mean all the did was step on you after all. I can’t rightly see killing a person for stepping on one of my cloven hoove… err… feet.


about time someone tried to free the massaes from the lies of judaic-based religions


Nobody likes you.


Except, ironically, Jesus.

fracked again

Jesus doesn’t like him, either. Latinos don’t generally look fondly on nazi wannabes.

Jesus Christ

Fuck you.


Its great as your other posts : D, thankyou for posting .