thor – yield

thor - yield

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    So why Thailand?

    Maxwell Edison

    The topless beach in Thailand, apparently.


    who was he talking to?

    Think Tank

    After success with the “Iron Man: Demon in a Bottle” storyline that delves into Tony Stark’s alcoholism, Marvel decides to take a look at Thor’s addiction to underage sex tours in Bangkok…

    General X

    Alas, how short a collective memory span we have. He is trying to stop the tcunami that hit this country. This in turn is an allusion to a danish king who tried to do the same thing, a.i. order the tidest to stop on his command. I think they are making either a profound statement about the limitation of even our superheroes, or it could be that kiddy sex thing.


    Or that the tsunami had the right of way.


    Either way he’s still awesome.