Space X to launch Falcon 9 at 15:00 UT today

spacex_f9_rollout.jpg (93 KB)

(…) “On the rocket will be their qualification version of the Dragon payload capsule. This allows them to test both the rocket and the capsule simultaneously. ”

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    I thought there were supposed to be seven…?


    Atkinson can go shove Falcon 9 up his ass.


    I can make it to orbit and I don’t even need a rocket…Just $20 and a guy with a mullet named G-Money who lives in a trailer. He always tells me that it’d be okay if I wanted to hit his old lady…But I never am quite sure if that involves my genitals or my fist, so I politely opt out and sneak out past the rusting Camero and the 3 kids in the yard who all seem to be of a different ethnic mix than one another but all call G-Money daddy. Oh wait, we were talking about rockets…Yeah… Read more »


    i watched the live stream- pretty cool stuff.