37% of Gulf Closed to Fishing

closure_map2.jpg (1 MB)

This is as of 5-31-10..

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    Fuck the oil.It`s the hurricanes that worry me.


    Maybe the hurricanes will disperse the oil?

    But really, the oil is potentially a much larger hit on the Gulf economy than a few silly hurricanes.


    No one seems to know how a hurricane would affect the oil spill. One meteorologist (from TWC) thought that a category 1 or 2 hurricane could be a disaster, just sending the oil everywhere (dropping oil balls on land), while a category 3, 4 or 5 may be strong enough to disperse and dissipate the oil slick. He had no idea about how it might affect the plumes of oil underwater.


    But the oil spill may affect the hurricanes. Oil on the surface can absorb more heat from the sun making the storms more powerful.

    (This part is speculation on my part but would be awesome) Larger storms are about to pick up oil off the surface spreading it across the southern part of the country. Then lightning strikes creating a flamecane.


    That is the most likely outcome, since hurricanes dont spin the water below them, the winds blow in the general direction of the storm. The Storm surge would spread oil all over the coast of wherever it hits and then… we hope it doesn’t ignite.

    BP messed up, and we are just about to pay for it, because nature is pissed.

    Luke Magnifico



    Oil + hurricane + lightning =… Firecane.


    Happy fishing. NOT!!!