what’s wrong with kids

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I’ve seen these things and thought it was a good idea to loose an eye. wtf kids. WTF.

via www.naughtybits.us/2010/05/25/whats-wrong-with-kids-these-days/

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    Guess someone’s gonna have to invent an assilizer test now.

    Mark my words, someone somewhere is starting a trend to mainline vodka.


    needles have too much of a stigma to be acceptable anywhere as trendy


    Not too many teenagers care about being trendy when they’re looking for ways to get loaded.

    fracked again

    I think I’ll make up some crazy ass rumor of a way to get drunk/high, let the moral crusaders freak out and report it to the news and then watch as the dumbest kids actually try it. Some of this shit is seriously that stupid. Beer bong to the ass? What kind of gay frat bullshit did that come from?

    And you won’t get drunk by putting vodka in your eye. If you are already extremely drunk, you may try it if someone dares you to.



    Tell them they have to insert a full can of export strength (important) heineken into their rectum or something.


    There’s one episode of 1000 ways to die where someone dies taking rum through an enema.


    There’s a South Park episode to that effect, where they get high off of cat urine. It’s called Major Boobage. Hilarious.


    srs. what the fuck


    The only problem with this is that it probably doesn’t kill the people who try it… cuz anyone dumb enough to do this shit needs to be removed from the gene pool.


    so youre saying death to california?


    For that and their retarded laws against car modifications, yes. I would support death to them.


    I second that.


    california is okay with drugs and fags but says no to car mods?

    so cali supports stupidity but shuns creativity?


    Yup, that sounds about right for the state where Hollywood is.


    What a wastes of premium vodka.


    They must have seen that Manswers episode in which they showed that the anus is better at absorbing the alchohol, leading to an even bigger buzz on the same amount of beer.


    Inevitable. Every generation out does the previous one and this has been going on since the 60s. Sooner or later it’ll cycle out and we’ll find ourselves in the 50s.

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