If Computers were cars

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    Yeah, except the Mac car has only one pedal and can’t play any games.


    Only people who don’t know how to use them think they can’t play games 😉


    Fail…Replace the GTR with the Piece of shit.


    Mac is a GTR?

    Whoever made this -wants- to get their heads kicked in.

    That or knows fuck all about cars

    teezy weezy

    Any you about computers you MONG


    Wow this is shit. Not remotely witty or funny.




    yay… more pseudo-memes by people clueless about computers… followed by a bunch of windows fanboyism.

    Status quo achieved.

    That’s all wrong. If operating systems were cars is best described in “In the beginning was the command line” by Neal Stephenson.

    Free to read at the following site: www.cryptonomicon.com/beginning.html


    “Cool little machine”
    um… no, Windows is HUEG

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    If operating systems were cars, paraphrase from my CNE study guide, circa 1996
    Mac: Super futuristic car. Gets 100 miles per gallon and is controlled by voice command, but when you tell it to take you to the store, it drives you to church instead.
    Windows: High performance sports car, but its forced to pull a freight train (legacy code) behind it.
    Linux: Any type of car you want, up all the piece are delivered to you one at a time with no instructions about how to put it together.


    I suppose if I had to use the choices given, I would say the Nissan is windows for PC’s have customization and power, SmartCar is Apple for paying too much for what you get and lack of options. Leaving the green
    car, its description could work for a linux box. I think Ubuntu is pretty sleek, has a fair amount of support and options, runs efficient. Simply my opinion with little facts to support my decision. Now if someone just said “pick a car and it’s yours”, EFF Yah imma take that Nissan.


    Only problem I’ve seen with Ubuntu so far is bad video performance for flash video (YouTube etc). I was impressed with the amount of stuff you get with it. SMART hard drive monitoring is useful as it recognised bad sectors on the hard drive it was installed on. Windows lacks this basic functionality.


    A good computer is a dead computer. Go outside and get some sun.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Setting aside Macs are computers and the other 2 are operating systems (author of this image is a complete retard)…I mean macs run their own shitty OS

    Trendy and shitty and over priced but if you own one you think you’re cool

    Windows=Every other car
    Because everyone uses it who isn’t some try hard douchefag. The GTR would be in here because some computers are awesome. Those computers are not Macs.

    Linux=built it yourself. this can range from a custom hog to a complete disaster



    Mac = Prius. All the bells and whistles yet complete lack on the performance department. If break, the whole car need to take in to OME for factory repair because they built their shit that no one else can touch.

    PC = Free market. Lot’s selection, all the flavors you can choose. If you really want a Prius, you can find one just like it in other brands.

    Linux = Start from scratch. If you know what you are doing, you can build one equally if not better than Mac or PC. But it all depend on the builder.


    “all the bells and whistles”? Not hardly on a Mac, more like “it has only the bells and whistles we want you to have, and don’t you DARE try to add stuff”
    I’d say Macs would be better represented by a KIA.


    Who every posted this is dumb. A computer is a Computer. MAC = Pay 3x more than what the hardware should cost + Cost of MAC OS. A glorified Unix Kernel. Cool features but very limited when you think about it. Windows= Pay licensing Fee’s and OS. Linux= Pay us if you want, if you do pay us we’ll help you , if not your on your own. Hardware is Hardware these days. The OS sits on Top of the hardware. I ran more Games on my Linux box using Wine , then I have ever been able to play… Read more »


    Linux limited on features? Ha! You can make it do backflips if you really want.


    And frontflips and sideflips, but you gotta read stuff first

    Alec Dalek

    The sad part is one of the Mac fanboys is probably jerking off to this brief delusion.

    Real geeks are OS agnostic.


    Do I need to be the first person to point out that the Mac=GTR is fairly accurate? You can’t customize the GTR for shit. I know for a while, if you even changed the wheels the car would throw trouble codes. It has GPS that limits it unless you’re at an official racetrack. And if you’ve never optioned out one of the Apple Desktops, you wouldn’t get it. They max at about 30 grand, and that’s with at least 4 graphics cards and several processors. Macs can be VERY powerful, but if you try to flaunt Jobs’ will for its… Read more »


    As a Mac user, all I can say to any of this is *yawn*

    Tiggle Bitties

    i have a fucking macbook air i got for twenty dollars. wiped the disk, put windows on it. not even bootcamped. macs are fucking shitty for games. any game. steam comes out for macs, and all the little macfags are sitting in front of their computers jacking off like no tomorrow. amen, end of story. mac owner’s personal security on the other hand is shitty. like really shitty.

    single user mode is the biggest fucking loophole since the beginning of time.

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