Soccer, eh?

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    So TRUE! Boring!

    Nice use of Last Crusade, BTW.


    Can’t say I like the sport.


    Any team outside of the top 8 FIFA ranked employs the antifootball tactic

    Post players in 4 3 3 (ultra offensive) formation, cross until striker gets a lucky shot/dive until you get a freekick, and then immediately switch to 4 5 1 (ultra defensive)

    Essentially it becomes a game where the losing team tries desperately to gain ball possession as the other team passes back and forth, for probably a good 20 minutes until they score or the rest 60 minutes of the game.

    Hence yeah, soccer is a pretty boring sport in the early stages of a tournament.


    so accurate, though I remember sitting through some terrible 9-6 football games as well.


    I guess that’s due to the fact that you guys don’t really have any good players in your countries. Get some decent players and you’ll see some changes.


    what a shitty argument


    What a shitty reply.


    And you have the nerve to call it football, lol.


    That’ll run faster and pretend to have been kicked? Football is a boring sport. Face it.
    Now basketball, that’s an interesting sport.




    Come on, NBA is only fun in the playoffs and NCAA Mens Basketball is only good in March. If you pick one team and root for them almost all sports are fun. You just have to be a REAL fan. Not a fair-weather-fan.


    Yeah, but it’s still better than football.


    So if both teams have good players, you can bet your ass they won’t score anything. Boring sport is boring.

    But it doesn’t beat baseball.


    Are you saying you like the shitty sport better because your shitty sport players are better at said shitty sport?
    Please explain shithead.


    he chose poorly


    That’s what happened the first and last time I intentionally watched Soccer.


    One of those sports that’s a whole lot of fun to play, but I must admit it’s not a lot of fun to watch. At least not as home when sober.

    If you’re out drinking it’s a whole nother story. Watching and drinking with a bunch of similar hooligans is a lot of fun. Of course that applies to almost anything. Go BEER!


    Watching cspan.


    This is why Hockey is superior. At least people loose teeth between goals.


    Obviously that people who think that a decent sport requires bones getting broken will never understand or accept any other kind of sport.


    I understand soccer/football just fine. I’ve been watching it non-stop for 4 years now in Europe. It’s just boring. Yeah, there’s the technical play going on, when the defense gets a slight advantage or some other small strategic thing… but fuck all comes from it.

    And the flopping. G’damn, all the flopping.


    Yup, flopping… i hate that too. It’s used to burn some time or get a free kick on a dangerous place. But sometimes there is really foul play.


    I only watch soccer (“football”) here when it’s country -vs- country in a tournament. Then you can have fun shit talking, and pretending a country is better than another one because of some sport.

    Outside of that, I can’t stand the fact that it’s the only real sport people play here in Europe. Except handball. Ugh.


    Oh, handball sucks bad.
    We play other sports, the problem is that no other sport generates as much money.


    this image used to describe my attitude toward Major League Baseball

    until I began to learn how it works, now it’s a bit moar exciting


    when its a game people are happy that a team can score 3 friggin points in the whole time, it sucks


    Name a game where this is not true.

    Assume touchdowns include the extra point and count as 1 for comparison purposes.

    This leaves you with … nothing anyone actually watches except basketball.

    teezy weezy

    Or wait for an american to make a funny joke…


    Fuck all of your MLB/NBA/NHL honky/nigger/gook shit

    UFC is the real sport and anyone who doesn’t watch it is a fucking faggot who likes it up the ass your argument is invalid.




    So, you like to watch half-naked men wrestle on the floor?


    I hate sports, but I find hockey very exciting to watch. Remember the Olympics? Yeah…good times…


    I did a page search for ‘Rugby’ as I couldn’t be arsed/am too drunk to read. Why is Rugby not even mentioned? It’s so much better than all this gay ass shit. American Footballers wear armour, oops I mean armor, LOL so gay. Grow a pair and wear insulation tape round your head.


    Any sport you’re not interested in is boring. I used to fanatically follow the Mets. A perfect game can be extremely exciting, the anticipation can drive you crazy. I find Basketball totally boring, just because I’m not interested. Hell, people find Golf exciting. Of course, nothing gets my heart beating faster than a really good Sunday Times Puns & Anagrams puzzle. That’s true excitement.


    If you don’t like it don’t criticize about something you have no clue about. The argument that football is boring because the score is low is just as applicable to American Football or Baseball. If every goal in football was worth 10 points it wouldn’t make it any better to watch for Americans (at least I hope not, I’m one of the few foreigners who don’t think all Americans are stupid, please prove me right). Football is about the passion, the amazing plays, the saves, the anxiety. If you like none of that with more of running around and mindlessly… Read more »


    Football is a great game (Soccer for you guys in the U.S), lets look at your popular sports. American Football for instance, that has timeouts where nothing is happening except commercials. How is that entertaining. Then they keep lining up the plays actually only last a few seconds and a lot of time they are just repositioning. Then there is all the armour, what is that about? It’s certainly no more physical than Rugby, it’s actually simular but at a much slower pace. Then in Football we have the World Cup. See that word WORLD it means all countries in… Read more »

    Big Iff

    Huh? Football is far more violent than Rugby. And Canada is in MLB. Maybe if “the rest of the world evolved, they could play football too.

    That being said, I’d rather watch poker than soccer.

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