More Than A Thousand

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cover of their latest album, Vol 4 Make Friends And Enemies.

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    More generic metal. Great.


    this is atrocious


    The layout of that text is horrid, looks like it was all put together in paint. Also it’s DVD case aspect, why?


    It’s more than a thousand… in fact it’s OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Man these guys are boring. christ it’s like i am in 2005 again.


    God forbid!


    Holy shit! I’ve never heard anything like them before! Anything! ZOMG! How did they even think to write songs like that? And the vocals? I’ve never heard vocals that even came within the same solar system of those vocals. Holy fuck shit bitch! God fuckin damn! My lid has blown clean of my top. Fuck me. Fuck me now. That is just unbelievably orginal music. Categorically alone. Fucking motherfucking a prophesy! I am now the Antonio Salieri of my time, hating the new Mozart. God I curse you! For giving me the desire to make such music and not blessing… Read more »