KFC Double Down

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Got high. Got hungry.
Went to KFC got 8 double downs.

J – 1 double down
A – 2 Double down
Nickation91 – 2 doubledown
AppleSauce – 3 Double Down

Everyone had sides, drinks and we were dunking them in gravy.

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    Double Down? Don’t have that here.


    Think of a sandwich where you replace the bread with fried chicken breasts.


    That’s the stupidest thing I have ever heard.


    No, it’s the most awesome thing ever… course, I don’t eat cheese so for me, it’s just two pieces of fried chicken with bacon, but what’s not awesome about that?


    needs moar bacons

    just two skrips, colonel? comethefuckon


    That sounds fucking awesome.


    You were dunking the drinks in gravy? That’s badass man!


    Ahhh, to be young and stupid again.

    (and to not have clogged arteries or excessive saturated cholesterol levels)


    go go triglyceride levels!

    Big Iff

    I was just about to write the same thing…


    Being an englishman, I unfortunately havent had the luxury. I’m heading back to NY around the New Year period though, will they be available there?


    Make one yourself – probably costs £8 to order the several burgers it requires tho 🙂


    Oh yeah, they’re in NYC. I don’t know if they’ll still be selling them though. These things tend to be seasonal.

    You ate 3 double downs? 6 chicken breasts, sides and a drink? What’s in between the 2 breaded and fried chicken breasts?

    I’d be puking less than half way through.

    Big Iff

    they will be around as they are a new menu item… not seasonal. Although I would not be surprised if they are banned by the freaking food Nazis from the gov’t.


    Did you put on your cool face when you ordered? Problem officer? You need to take up smoking to really get the fully high blood pressure experience.


    I bet they loved you guys. That was probly around $65 for all of you total right?


    These were pretty much a let down. Not all that tasty. Shame really. Had hopes for them.


    It was so absurd I had to try it. I was extremely disappointed. IRL it was so TINY. The commercials make them look like gigantic sandwiches, but the one I got, at least, was like half the size I actually expected it to be.


    Can’t get them here which is a shame, even worse my town doesn’t actually have a KFC any more. There is one out by the motorway but it’s like a 40 minute walk. We had a Texas (Churches) Chicken open up in the old KFC building but that closed down last week….

    Bad day for Fried Chicken, I think I will go to Rooster Hut (Read Knock Off KFC) at lunchtime and get them to make me one of these.