Video game maps

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anyone want to give me some money to play some of this games?

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    Left out EVE Online….Galaxy-sized.


    that’s because these games actually (or potentially) contain fun in them, whereas a “ron paul’s wet dream” economy simulator does not.


    I just shoots and loots…there’s an economy?


    Yeah, Daggerfall’s world was so big it’s retarded really. I think the (role-playing) games with the best map size vs quality ratio are Gothic I and II.


    Though I have no interest in these games, this does interest me.


    what about fuel?


    Right side of the image (5560 mi^2).


    where is Hyrule?


    ask your mom

    she took my last $20


    Isn’t Red Dead Redemtion holding the title of “biggest” now?


    RDR Does not even compare to San Andreas, let alone Just Cause 2. It seems big because it takes forever to horse somewhere, but it’s not really that large.

    casemods UID# 667

    Sounds a lot like far cry 2.

    The driving killed it for me. I didn’t even finish it.

    Something about “we nerfed the speed on all the vehicles so that you could see the beauty of the scenery”.


    Source? I’ll believe it, but I am surprised that Far Cry 2 is bigger than Oblivion… guess I just never compared them. And yeah Fuel is apparently huge, though the game itself was considered meh.


    capital wasteland – it lacks it


    Dwarf Fortress – ditto


    I was about to make that same observation.


    Asheron’s Call, even though it’s 10+ years old, has a ginormous world map… I think it’s about the size of Rhode Island IRL.


    EQ? Probably not all that huge, but I do remember it taking hours of running from griffons to cross it.


    I’m wondering how the Zone compares against those. When the environment is your worst enemy, every square foot finds a new way to kill you.


    Definitely should have used more MMORPG examples. It seems that’s where some of the more outrageously large worlds would be. I’d like to see how AoC, Vanguard, and the EQ’s stack up.

    casemods UID# 667

    What about GTAIV? Sure it’s big, but it’s a lot better than far cry 2.

    It lacks a bit with the vehicles though.

    Only one chopper…wtf…


    I’m actually playing Oblivion again. There’s a shit ton of mods out there and some upgrade the graphics significantly. However, I highly doubt Oblivion’s world is only 4 miles wide. By default, running/walking for 1 minute real time = 30 minutes game time and it takes more than 4 minutes walking (or even running) to go west to east or north to south.

    I am interested to see how big EQ’s world is. God damn corpse runs…


    I’d be interested to see how Second Life’s world compares…