What happens when

kabul_1970_then_now_2010.jpg (348 KB)

Societies who are not mature enough to rule themselves are allowed self goverment

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    That’s Kabul I think.

    Your statement is not an accurate assumption. We’ve modeled much of our society after places that are now in ruin. Would you say the same about the Greeks, Egyptians and Persians?


    I want to know when there were blonds in Kabul. Are there still? How would we ever know?


    Egyptians (Nubians) fell to the Hyksos (RedBeards).


    Greeks “became” Romans? What in hell does that mean? Rome subjugated Greece in the second century BCE, becoming a Roman province. Greece did not cease to exist.

    The Egyptians were conquered many times, most notably by the Hyksos, as mentioned, as well as the Greeks, Romans, and Muslims.

    The Persians are still the Persians and have always been the Persians; their national identity has most often been something else, though. Currently we call them Iranians.


    The ignorance, it burns.

    Romans copy-pasted the Greeks when the soldiers that fought in greek wars came back with a serious case of Hellenic fever.

    The egyptians were conqueres by the greek.


    That’s pretty much the pot calling the kettle black. The Romans copy-pasted the Greek pantheon and assimilated their cultural achievements, like they did everyone elses. That hardly makes them Greeks. They were culturally, economically, militarily, and historically very different civilizations.


    That’s… pretty much what I said.


    The Romans are just a group of Greeks who were driven out of Turkey by another group of Greeks. They then settled in what we now call Italy.

    Greece set up colonies all over that part of the world. Some thrived, some failed, and some gotten driven on to other places where they did better or worse.

    Good example – Cleopatra was a GREEK, not an Egyptian as most people tend to think. So came from the Greek colony that settled/conquered Egypt about 300 years previously. Just look at the marble busts of her – she’s clearly Grecian.


    You are referring to the legend of Aeneas, a Trojan War survivor who eventually settled in Italy and founded Rome. This myth was written by Virgil in the early 1st century CE and is not considered historical fact.

    Romans have always been an ethnically mixed bunch, but originally they probably hailed from central Europe.

    Cleopatra was a descendant of Ptolemy, one of Alexander the Great’s generals. Alexander’s army conquered Egypt in the fourth century BCE…and should certainly not be considered a colonizing force. Otherwise, your time frame is correct and your suggestion to examine her image is apt; specifically, her large nose is a trait of the Ptolemaic rulers.


    Do we have a sauce on this? The two pictures could be pretty much anywhere.


    Hooray for progress! I think I’ll go vomit now.


    I would so fuck that brunnette.


    She’s probably dead now. Have fun giving her skeleton the bone!


    I’ll make a time machine.


    why dont you just fuck her skeleton?

    after you shoot your little coon-load, you’ll be glad you you wont have to hassle with time travel and all that shit


    I am not a freak.
    I prefer that they scream.

    fracked again

    Both are still alive. They are Americans driving across Afghanistan before the shithitthefanistan.


    You mean there was a time when that country wasn’t a festering shithole?




    I HAVE a time machine. It’s not perfect though. It only goes forward and 1X speed.


    this is a very upsetting picture, but its no one’s fault other than the afghan people’s. Oppressive regimes rise and fall every yera and no one but the people has the right (duty) to take control of their lives. This is the life afghans want to live. I say we let them. This is the life the afghans want us to live. I say we crush them.


    Yeah, it’s not like the US gave the talibans weapons or anything.


    Wait, I thought we di-OOOOOHHH.


    the u.s. and the russians handed out weopons to half the planet. So wat??


    Wrong.This is what happens when civil war erupts.

    Luke Magnifico

    And why does that happen?


    Cue pictures of Detroit.


    You’re all wrong. This is what happens when the Russians come pay you a visit, followed by the “coalition”.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Ding! We have a winner. Read anything about pre-Soviet invasion Afghanistan. It was still a poor country, but it was rapidly improving. Since then, they have been alternatively fucked over by the two most powerful countries on Earth.


    The Soviets fucked the Afghans when they invaded and America left it to its own devices afterward and the country decended into extremist Islamist shithole. So, what is it? When the US tries to help a country we are called imperialist, if we leave it alone then we a accused of fucking it over. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


    Nah, if you equip radical extremist warlords with all sorts of weaponry so they can fight off the Soviets, not caring that you’re basically empowering a bunch of otherwise isolationist lunatics to take over a country, you’re fucking the whole country over.


    well who took away human rights for afghan women? russia or the states? russians turned it into a medieval country did they? thats rubbish! in the late 70’s they were on the verge of either a violent n korea style communist regime. The USSR stepped in and supported the moderate socialists instead. Then the taliban grew from within, with POPULAR SUPPORT. POPULAR FUCKING SUPPORT. Its the afghan’s fault and I dont care if they all strave to death


    Yes, because no one ever provides popular support to whomever looks like they will be able to overthrow a massively unpopular regime. No one else has any blame in it at all. It’s like complex dialogue curls up and dies in your presence.


    Is this what you really believe? Wow man, you can go fucking kill yourself.

    I… I don’t hate you or anything, but you’re just selfish human refuse produced by a society high on an entitlement that just doesn’t exist. Once you have removed yourself from humanity, its total merit as a species will actually go up by a fraction.


    it doesn’t exist?? My nation BUILDS. In fact, the majority of the nations are moving forward in every way. Yes I do fucking have the entitlement. I’m not saying these goat raping rag heads are gentically inferior. They simply make my hert bleed with their ignorance and cause the rest of the world worry and vomit. Their lifestyle CORRODES the society I love and I’d wipe the bastards off the face of the planet if I could.


    But you couldn’t cuz so you’re crying about it on the interweb. If you want to do something, the government will pay YOU.

    My buddies who came back from Afganastan makes a shit load more money than I do sitting behind a screen.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Wow there sure are a lot of scholars on here.

    How about we change the title to ‘shit happens’ and accept that our teeny brains can’t process possible the outcome of any situation based on correlating it to a previous event because the sheer number of variables involved makes it impossible.

    That being said fuck that place. Kabul is in Afghanistan. The one place on earth no one has conquered. I say do it then cause it sounds like a challenge and if that means turning that turd into a crater then nuke away amuuuurka. I guarantee you terrorism world wide would stop 100% entirely the day somebody actually got nuked over there.

    Stupid canadians.


    yessss WIPE THEM OUT!!


    But, but… the children…


    but, but… the precious oil?

    Luke Magnifico

    Yeah, If someone actually stepped up to the plate, nuked the fuck out of somewhere and then said “Now what, motherfuckers, now what”, most terrorists groups would probably be like “Shit, son, I never thought they’d actually go through with it, that shit is messed up, let’s turn our interests towards agriculture and quiet advancement towards a better tomorrow”

    I mean, I’m drunk, but I’m pretty sure that’s how it would go.

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    Closer than most


    The first photo were taken by Dr. Bill Podlich.
    He was an American working in Afghanistan in 1967-68
    The blonde is his daughter.



    That should be WAS taken!


    Funny thing, this picture was touted as being IRAQ not AFIGANISTAN when i first saw it along with others as part of a set. I doubt it is Afganistan to be honest.


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