Parking Lot ASSHOLE

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    Now…folks do ish like that to put distance between their vehicle and others to avoid dings, i think, but seriously isn’t somebody just gonna kick or key it? Needs a handful of “smartcars” to surround it. The one time a car pulled this at my old company, a few of us double-parked to block that car in.


    I was with my younger cousin (and his POS truck)once and saw a new Corvette parked liked this at a Wal-Mart. This douche even parked like this and away from other cars. So, my cousin parked his POS truck about 3 inches from the drivers side door of the Corvette just to prove a point. We then hid out in the vestibule and watched until the prick came out and walked up to his car. The guy looked like the world was coming to an end!


    Haha, for a second I thought this was about the cracks in the pavement.


    Someone should key that asshole.


    1. Hike on over to yonder woods
    2. Gather up half a dozen large pinecones
    3. Return, stuff into tailpipe(s)
    4. ?????
    5. PROFIT!!!


    he’d certainley be wondering why his exhaust was giving off a smell of angry piss if it wasn’t a busy place


    Ok, who let the blind kid park the car?


    Man, if I saw that, he’d be lucky to get away with just a car-length key-mark, and not 4 slashed tires.


    in a perfect world i’d have been there … smash drivers side window and piss on seat


    with a shovel


    you piss with a shovel? video or gtfo

    Jesus Christ

    fucking lol’d


    i c wat u did ther


    It is natedog. I would believe it.


    Nah, then he’d just bawl bloody tears to the insurance company. You have to be subtle, and do damages that diminish the ego, but are expensive enough to repair not to be worth doing out of pocket, but would raise the deductible too much to file a claim. An intricate keying that spells out “douche” on all the main panels seems appropriate.


    One place I worked at had an asshat that did this with his corvette… so I used a forklift to move it so it parked the same way blocking four handicapped spaces after a while one of the managers saw it and had security call the cops and a towtruck.


    Cool story, bro?


    Too bad it’s bull.


    would let a couple of the tires air out


    I once made wood wedges w nails sticking out and placed them under this wankers tyres, so that they weren’t visible on the outside. regardless of which way he drove off, at least 2 of his tyres would go off. It worked. The funny things is, he ended up cutting his own tyres! It was a large truck and according to law here, he must check the tyres before driving off. AHAH


    the only time that is ok is if the car has a price tag over 150,000 other than that parallel park two cars around it


    Even if the car is worth $$$, park at the far end of the lot and walk, don’t steal three spaces from the people who don’t have ego issues. Owning an expensive car doesn’t give anyone special rights


    Owning a tank does.


    Hey, is that Rocky Mountain National Park? That looks like the Bear Lake parking lot…


    Could be Yosemite


    Magnum 44 marker + THANKS FOR PARKING LIKE A FUCKHEAD = point made.


    His or her seed should be removed from the general gene pool.

    teezy weezy

    Really worth getting all excited about? just, ah fuck it, do what you want pussies.


    Damaging someone’s property is passive aggressive behavior, and diminishes your own integrity. Express your concerns directly to them. Otherwise…leave a note, using your non-writing hand, bad grammar intentional.
    “I not like how you parking, so I did it to you car”.


    I’d suggest using thermite, but it’d probably fuck up every other car in the lot, and then the trees.

    Actually that’d be pretty cool.


    spray paint dickhead on it


    Everyone talks so big, slash his tires, key his car, break his windows. What why not just wait for him (or her) and kill him and whoever is with him. But of course this is all talk and in real life no one would do shit.


    You don’t my hubby and his large knife, that goes w/ him everywhere. I’ve seen him puncture tires, put the knife through the radiator of a van, tear a convertible top, cut wires…you get the point. None of that though for simply parking like a douche.


    err *know my hubby…


    this is how i park when i drive a 15′ or 24′ box truck.


    if it was a veyron or r8 I’d understand….you’re above the law then


    An R8? Are we thinking of the same car?


    I still carry a valve core removal tool on my keys for this reason… Discover said prick looking for parking, park elsewhere, walk over, remove no less than 2 cores and walk off. The worst one I ever did was remove all 4 and the one in the spare.


    Hmm. I thought the driver was being very thoughtful, leaving all that space for a bear to move around and open that puppy up.

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