NES USB Reader

DVC04437.JPG (37 KB)

Made this over the past week and thought I would share it with all the other pc/vintage gaming nerds like myself!

Here’s the rundown:
Works with UBS 1.1 and 2.0
Has a working power light that comes on to show connection to usb port is present
The memory card is a 4gb Micro SDHC and is the “Game Cartridge”
Controller is NON functioning(This time around) and is just glued to the console
The Gun Doubles as both a keychain and a Lazer pointer and works with just a simple squeeze of the handle
When you slide the “Game” into the console and your machine recognizes it, The Drive is called “Zelda Card”

More photo’s here:

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    Works with UBS

    You lost me.


    And photos does not require an apostrophe. Asshole crap aside.



    I approve of this. Carry on citizen.


    Not only do I approve, I fucking WANT ONE.


    These shall now be part of the welcome pack to all new MCS+ members.

    (Welcome packs shall also be back dated. Do not use laser pointer to blind people. Side effect may include nerdgasms, bad posture and serious levels of teh awesome. Terms and conditions apply)


    u need a job


    You need an interesting nickname.


    So much WIN in such a little package !
    Let us know when and where we can order one….
    You might want to work on the Space Invaders Version next 😉

    fracked again

    I just misplaced the game.




    (Sorry, I’m in tactless mode tonight) On a scale of 1-to-awesome, this is… weak… Dude, I like Modding, but basically all you’ve done is made a harder to use, less universal version of a flash drive. How about this… Same concept for the mod, but ditch the cartridge part. (Especially since the cartridge wasn’t visible once the game was in anyway. I mean, what’s the point?) Install a 1TB hard drive in the box, and a multi-card reader and a USB hub under the bay door. Install USB ports on the front, where the controller plugged in on the original,… Read more »