Chiropractor Beauty Contest

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    [old-time newsreel voiceover] “Six weeks later, they each died of cancer.”

    fracked again

    And the quackopractor would still be charging for “adjustments” and boutique vitamins.


    Vintage nom-nom. These ordinary 1950’s girls are a lot better looking than the sows waddling around at my local mall (except for the girls at my gym there, many are pretty hot).


    Catch a clue, retard – those aren’t ORDINARY 1950’s girls… they’re models who happened to not have scoliosis. It even says in the picture caption that they are models. There were at least as many “sows” back then as there are now. They’re just dressed different these days.


    Bullshit dougebag, are you fucking blind? The most girls now are fat, fucking heifers who eat about 3000 calories and fucking burn nothing, because they just sit on their wide asses and don’t do a fucking thing. Back in the 50’s they didn’t have double-quarter pounders with extra-fucking-cheese and they actually had a fucking life, not sitting at home, and work, drinking high fructose corn syrup 2 liter sodas and eat an entire large bag of sourcream flavored chips. Do some fucking research dumbass before going off on someone who did, you only look like a fucking retard when you… Read more »


    Here’s a animated map of obesity rates from just 1981 to 2008 or do you think people were just as fat in the 1950s as they were in the 1980s or are now?


    You’re just bound and determined to make a complete and utter ASS of yourself, aren’t you? While there are more overweight people than before, it’s certainly not MOST girls. It also STILL doesn’t explain why you were STUPID enough to call three models good enough to win a pageant “ordinary”. Guess you can’t help being retarded…


    Talk about being an ASS, just because you refuse to see the true for yourself doesn’t make it so. Here’s a clip from a American Heart Association Overweight Obesity 2009 Update: Among Americans age 20 and older, the following are overweight or obese (BMI of 25.0 and higher): ? For non-Hispanic whites, 72.4 percent of men and 57.5 percent of women. ? For non-Hispanic blacks, 73.7 percent of men and 77.7 percent of women. ? For Mexican Americans, 74.8 percent of men and 73.0 percent of women. Now, unless you really are STUPID, you would know that anything over… Read more »


    sweet, x-rays camel toes!


    I have a couple of bras that do that torpedo bewbs look. They look really good in certain types of tops.


    Ah, a simpler time where even intelligent women were objects.

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