Men of the Class of 2010

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school is ending, so i was doing the Open House thing with the kid earlier, and saw these self portraits from some of the seniors. i knew i had to share with you guys. i hope you can see past the obvious imperfections and take some time to appreciate each of these for the awesome that they are.

thank you, that is all.

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    High school seniors or college seniors?


    We’re so fucked.


    Few are born with a natural talent to draw. It takes years of practice, baby.

    Keep it up.


    Napoleon Dynamite: “It took me like three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip. It’s probably the best drawing I’ve ever done.”


    Nate, I though t you were told to stay away from schools?


    one chinstrap ah-ah-ah. TWO chinstrap ah ah ahhh


    Let’s all shave our eyebrows.


    Something about the second and last ones is really cool, maybe it’s just how undefined their features are. Arts gonna be art wherever it is. I used to walk the hallways after school to check out the artwork put out by the kids in my highschool. There are people who have serious natural skill.


    ones…one* arts…art’s. Just sparing the grammar nazis some grief.


    Ahh. I graduate on June 10th. :]
    I also turn 18 on June 2nd, if some of you
    were “creeping” track.

    Pun totally intended.


    Graduating in September. Cannot wait.