Oily Water

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The Big Picture

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    It’s kinda beautiful and hideous at the same time.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    A lot of hyperbole going about this oil spill. People don’t realize that about 2,000 gallons of oil leak naturally into the Gulf everyday NATURALLY. Some news reports are calling this the American Chernobyl; its nowhere near that. I don’t this spill will have any noticeable effect 5 years from now.


    Wow, 2,000 gallons is just under 50 barrels. So if we multiply that by, say 10,000 (50,000 barrels/day) everything should just be peachy. Forget that this has already made 19% of the gulf unfishable/unaccessible.

    What fucking right wing talking head did you get that stupid talking point from? You dumb fuck.


    Actually Reboot is about as right-wing as karl-marx. And he probably has more degrees in various branches science than jesus christ had disciples. I’m pretty sure he is qualified to do SOME independent thinking on the subject without having to turn on some “right wing talking head’s” program in order to arrive at that conclusion. OR is everyone who thinks that this incident is being exploited and over hyped automatically a right wing loon? Looks like they got you programmed nicely.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    and you fail at arithematic: 50 times 10,000 =/= 50,000. So really this is only a factor of about 1,000 times the natural oil leak rate. There are 365 days a year, so this spill is about equivalent to 3 years worth of natural oil leakage. So when I say that in 5 years it won’t make an impact, its because I TOTALLY OWN AT MATH AND SCIENCE.

    Follow up: actually leak estimates are about 5,000 barrels/day, so the total leak to date is about 150,000 barrels. So that’s about 10 years worth of natural oil spills. So maybe I should adjust by estimate by a factor of 2. Still, this is no Chernobyl, where its still a hazard 25 years later.


    That’s what BP said at first and they’re sticking to it. Everybody else is saying it’s way worse since they were able to see the video of the leakage.


    You still comparing gallons to barrels. There is 50,000 to 87,000 barrels spilling a day and it won’t be capped for another 90-100 days BP said today, but they said the Enterprise ship is supposedly going to catch half of that. So here’s my calculations 40 days of spewing 50,000 gallons a day since 4/20= 2 million barrels the next 100 days of spewing only half of that due to the ship above= 2.5 million barrels 2 million + 2.5 million= 4.5 million barrels 4.5 million barrels to gallons (4,500,000 x 42)= 189,000,000 gallons at the end of this that… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    “There is 50,000 to 87,000 barrels spilling a day”
    “40 days of spewing 50,000 gallons a day since 4/20= 2 million barrels”
    You can’t even keep consistent with your numbers for more than two sentences.
    Look at that math in the 2nd quote: 50,000 gallons*40=2 million GALLONS =47,619 BARRELS
    Is it 50,000 barrels/day or 50,000 gallons/day? Get your own math in order before you talk.
    “did I screw anything up this time?”
    You screwed-up when you started this argument.


    Yeah, I meant barrels all the way down til I calculated it into gallons.

    fracked again

    Yes, there is natural seepage. It is nothing compared to the ongoing spill in the gulf. Quit being a bitch and admit it. Everybody involved in this discussion has made math mistakes, so quit being self righteous over it. Even with the exceedingly cautious estimates that BP is using to calculate the loss, we have already surpassed the Valdez spill, which, despite what you might think, nature has not “taken care of itself” and the environment has still not recovered. In the years to come, many businesses that relied on the already fragile fisheries of the gulf will go under.… Read more »

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Beyond seepage, there are few other reasons why I think this is mostly media hype: 1) there are worse environmental disasters going on right now that get no media coverage. like the Pacific Garbage Patch. 2) the “commercial and recreational fishing industries” that are being treated as victims are almost as damaging this incident. Everyone makes a big, weepy deal about sea turtles in the oil spill, but they conveniently ignore all the ones caught in shrimp nets. 3) there have been previous incidents of comparable scale, such as Ixtoc I, and we’ve recovered from those in relatively short time.… Read more »

    fracked again

    Your information is fairly off. The Pacific garbage patch is the one full of hype. There are no islands of plastic, just areas with an increased content of small bits of plastic. Photos of the patch have been misidentified and become part of an urban legend. Ixtoc was potentially horrific, but much of the oil sank to mix with the benthic sediment. The portion of the Alaskan coast affected by the Valdez has not recovered, and it will be a while before we can draw a verdict. The fishing industry is harmful, but that does not excuse BP. A fishery… Read more »

    George Carlin sums this whole environmental panic shit up properly


    Luke Magnifico

    It was kind of silly of them not to have some kind of….

    I don’t know, I’d call it a “Shut-Off Valve”.


    lol well i think the shutoff valve and everything else blew haha im no engineer tho

    fracked again

    Yeah, the shutoff valve wasn’t maintained, and the drill site wasn’t properly prepped, etc.

    BP has had a few rough years, though, what with low oil prices, and they couldn’t afford to install a $500,000 secondary shutoff.

    Luke Magnifico

    Yeah, I hear this leak is only costing them like $20.

    It’s really the cost-effective option.


    STFU valve


    This is seriously nothing at all


    The Matrix: Rebooted

    THAT was an oil spill. 3,000,000 barrels. And guess what? A few years later and nature takes care of itself.


    I don’t know if anyone is even going to see this comment, but here goes. The Ixtoc spill released 3,000,000 barrels over 10 months. The Deepwater spill is, by minimum estimates, at nearly 1,000,000 barrels after 1 month. At maximum estimates, it’s at 3,700,000 barrels. I’d say this is going to eclipse the Ixtoc spill pretty quickly.


    Australia keeps having this problem with Asian oil tankers, except they’ll go over the Great Barrier Reef and destroy coral, kill marine life and cost us millions in clean up and wildlife rescue. Oh, and the tanker companies don’t want to pay for it, even though it’s their captains that can’t navigate around one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The human race is so self-righteous and think they own the fucking world. The sea is not our habitat, gtfo and stop killing shit.


    Thanks BP… you dicks.

    The Matrix: Rebooted

    Don’t blame BP. Our entire, oil addicted society is to blame. If we didn’t live or die based on the price of gas at the pump, this shit wouldn’t happen.


    BP does not provide oil as a public service, they are a “for profit” business supplying a commodity to a market.

    BP chose to farm said commodity, from this particular area, to make profits from that market.

    While our being addicted to that commodity creates said market, it does not justify the suppliers ineptitude in guarding against this type of accident; especially since the prevention technology is already available, and due to the insane profits they make, affordable.



    teezy weezy

    Fuck yeah boo hoo our poor sea wahhhh wahhhh, still driving your trucks mother fuckers?


    Top Pic: Ecco 3 – The Tides of Texaco. 😀


    I wonder why they don put a hose up in that bitxh with something like a big stent on the end then open that bitch up. The pressure of the oil will keep the “pipe stent” open and against the pipe walls. I know I’m oversimplifying but simple is how a lot of ideas start. If it works, I should get free gas for life, nignog.


    did anyone of you heard of the gulf stream? this shit is going to make it to the east coast and the middle pacific ocean…


    They’ve got a while to go before reaching the Pacific Ocean. I’m concerned about the evaporatives and what airborne crude oil does not the lungs (100x worse than nicotine).


    Hope this shit is cleaned up before the fall migrations of waterfowls. I don’t want my duckys to get all fucked up down there.


    It’s pretty easy to say it’s not a big deal when you don’t live there. Never mind all the oil rig workers who died horribly. Yes, in the grand scheme of things it is all irrelevant. Someday the sun will go nova and anything we humans have done will be meaningless. That arguement is just so effing stupid. People died, animals and fish are suffering and dying, people’s livelihoods have been destroyed, enormous amounts of money are being spent to contain this disaster. Who cares that worse things have happened?


    All this time while people are arguing over who is smarter, your simple intelligence shines my friend. You are absolutely correct.


    I live in Florida and this is my concern: we get a hurricane while all that oil’s in the water? It will blow across the whole state, making cleanup ten times the difficulty, not to mention killing plants and animals, and poisoning the soil. And if it’s thick enough, what happens when oil meets downed power lines? poof! Michael Bay wet dream sequence. Holy shit, I just realized – could you imagine a hurricane made out of FIRE? It would be tragic, but the satellite photos would totally kick ASS!


    Amazing! I’ve never heard of that before. Thanks for the lead!


    All of these “intelligent” peoples numbers are wrong. I have family that works for bp and they reported correctly in the media for once when they said it was about 210,000 gallons a day. That is 3818.181818 barrels a day! As of May 27th, it was the second worst that the world has ever seen on land or sea. (other than in Kuwait) www.treehugger.com/deepwater-horizon-compared-sm.jpg This multiplied by the amount of days as of now(42) equals 160363 barrels so far!! That is 8,819,965 gallons so far. Anyone who says this is natural is an idiot. That is 4,409 times the daily… Read more »