tattoos from around town

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one of these posts is to settle an old, old, long-ago post that my neighbor didn’t have Celtic sideburns. that solves that. and then the other is some silly Boondock Saint Boys loving guys from around town.

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    Boondock Saints is rather overrated. Otherwise cool tattoos. Strange eyebrows though.


    Agreed on BS

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    It flat out sucks is what it does.

    Its so bad its simple enough to gain a following amongst the retarded.


    I think it’s underrated, actually. Most people I know have never even heard of it. Granted, the fans are rabid, but it is still an interesting and stylish film. I hear the sequel sucks though.


    Pretty sure the first one’s a shirt.


    this post is 84.16% gay

    Jesus Christ

    The lizard DOES look pretty straight.


    5 stars for the iguana. Iguanas are the most chill, laid back pets you can have. All they want is a spot in the sun and some fresh greens, maybe some grapes, and they love you for life.

    teezy weezy

    Tattoos don’t make you look lick a prick after all, no wait.
    Yes they do.


    Marred 4 Life


    Married 4 Life?


    Freak show.

    Big Iff

    I would not hire them. Granted, if you drink Old English, you most likely aren’t looking for a job.