Stang Stickers

crazystickers.jpg (79 KB)

Saw this in the parking lot of a gun range in South Florida last weekend.

Left to right:
-Not sure what the 159 is
-“Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its IDIOT.”
-Confederate flag
-Something to do with pilots/flying (see license plate)
-Jolly Roger
-Freemason logo
-Perhaps some sort of sports team? Not sure (under the freemason logo)
-“No Birth Certificate!”
-“Keep Honking, I’m Reloading”
-American Flag
-NRA member logo

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    I can’t wait til the birther/teabagger/retard generation dies off.

    Then again this oil spill may kill us all. Good either way.


    Eh, every president has its band of irrational haters. In some cases, it’s deserved in others it’s not. I think in Obama’s case, a lot of it is recoil from the hype that was built up around his campaign, a lot of which wasn’t really his doing.


    A lot of it also has to do with “some boy who don’t know his place gettin all uppity!”


    I try to avoid the race card. I’m sure it’s a factor, but it’s not a huge one.


    now that’s a douche!

    Luke Magnifico

    The average American citizen.


    I resent that.

    More like “The average avid Republican Fox News Watcher.”


    I think ^that^ would be a more accurate description…

    And they defaced a perfectly good mustang to boot.



    whats curious is the Freemasons sticker, that seems totally out of place with the rest of the conservative. I guess its nice to know that not all right wing nuts are Christian.


    You’ve obviously never heard of conspiracy theorists.

    fracked again

    Masonic membership is open to christians, including conservatives. In some areas masons would take a look at his car, decide he was kind of a dick and not offer membership, or may approach him to say that he reflects poorly on the org. Other places, this would be typical of the good old boys that make up a lodge, especially in the south, where the KKK actively recruited from the lodges. Others are so close to dying our from lack of young members, they will accept anybody. I like the people at my local lodge, but they don’t offer membership… Read more »

    Jesus Christ

    I joined the one for teen girls when I was younger. Rainbow girls or some shit. There were no orgies and I was VERY disappoint. I mean, who the fuck calls it RAINBOW girls then doesn’t let me have sex?


    That’s hot.


    Masons never offer membership.

    munan speaks

    Correct. It must be sought.

    munan speaks

    No lodge will accept an atheist. A belief in a supreme being is a requirement. And lodges won’t just “accept anyone” because their numbers are dwindling. You’ll find that a lodge would die off first rather than accept men who do not reflect Masonic traits.


    He published his birth certificate. It was thoroughly scrutinised. Just because Faux News didn’t report it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.


    *GASP!* Fox News ignoring stories that weaken their right-wing hate-mongering propaganda?! Say it isn’t so!!!


    I keep a bunch of bumperstickers in my glove compartment for just such occasions. I’m more likely to add one to a bumper/trunk that’s already festooned with them; figure it’ll get lost in the noise and the owner won’t notice it ’til much later, after many other motorists stuck behind them in traffic have had a chance to see it & have a good laugh.

    My favorite is “EAT A QUEER FETUS FOR JESUS”


    you rock!


    Also, people tend to overlook their license plate frame. Not as quick to put them on, but easier removed so its hard to make a case for vandalism. I had a whole box of ‘gay pride’ themed frames that a friend donated to me for just this purpose. I’ve since run out.


    Normally I’m all “live and let live” but with this much stupidity concentrated in one location (topped off by an obnoxious yellow base-model Mustang) I’m afraid I would have had to at least slashed a tire or two…

    TrAyVon'S GhOSt, nuCca

    and been shot for it after lol

    you win!


    I’d wait til he’s passed out drunk on bathtub gin after fucking his sister-wife.


    It’s not yellow, it’s Grabber Orange. The car is fine, the stickers are outrageous though.

    Jesus Christ

    Why would anyone do that to that poor Mustang?

    tiki god

    seriously. yeah, let’s spend 30k on a sports car, and then plaster it with bumper stickers.


    They are ignorant heathenous wretches, that’s why…

    teezy weezy

    At least blank out my f***king licence plate!


    People with personalized license plates have waved their right to have their plates fuzzed out.


    Confederate flag AND an American flag.

    Talk about your oxymorons.

    Maybe just morons.


    Moron probably bought his shitty 210HP Mustang because it’s “American” without realizing the damn thing is only ASSEMBLED in America, and everything else is made… everywhere in the world. A 350Z would’ve been just as American as the Mustang (if not more, since the 350Z was designed by an American team, not sure about the mustang).

    Then he managed to ruin an already mediocre car with a shitty colour and retarded stickers (I hope he knows the freemasons weren’t originally American).

    And since he’s American, probably an Automatic.


    Did you mark the owner of this car for early detention to a FEMA camp?

    munan speaks

    As a Mason, I’m a little disappointed.
    Although everyone is human, racism is one of the most anti-Masonic concepts you can imagine.
    This does not reflect the majority of the fraternity to be sure.