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    10 years ago

    excuse me, but what is this? looks like a lot of werk
    10 years ago
    Reply to  jimmieq

    “Om” or “Aum” is the most sacred of all sounds and is the syllable that preceded the universe and from which the gods were made. It’s similar to the Christian “Amen.” It can also be used in auditory meditation, like in yoga.

    10 years ago
    Reply to

    I wouldn’t say it’s similar to “Amen” since in Christianity “Amen” is used as closure instead of a precedent.

    The script is written in Devanagari, a written form of Sanskrit.

    On a tangent, The Journeyman Project 3 was probably the most accurate and delightful exploration into the mythos of Shangri-La and other legendary temples and cities.

    10 years ago
    Reply to  Halon50

    it’s not a form of sanskrit, it is sanskrit. it is the ancient language of sanatanadharma (hinduism), in the same way that latin is the ancient language of christianity, or hebrew is the ancient language of judaism. sanskrit means “perfected” and it is one of the oldest living languages on the planet.

    the same orthography is used to write hindi, which is one of the modern languages of india.
    10 years ago
    Reply to  Halon50

    Om is commonly used as a closure as well, not just in the end of practice but also in the end of mantra, “Jai guru deva om. Sanskrit:?? ??????? ?) This was invoked by the late Maharishi Mahesh Yogi “All Glory to Guru Deva.”
    10 years ago

    I’m wearing an om necklace. 🙂 This is a fantastic picture.

    10 years ago

    Id say its a lot more than the christian amen, i mean yes, it shows praise, but its not really an integral part of their religion like that aum is.

    10 years ago

    That’s the weirdest lottery ticket I’ve ever seen.

    10 years ago

    omg! om!

    10 years ago

    om nom nom