important request: anyone in the effected gulf spill area

As many of you are aware, there’s currently a pretty big deal going on in the Gulf right now.  As many of you may not know, I work for a petroleum association in florida, and I would love to get my hands on some of that quality oil that’s currently showing up on your shores.  If you could possibly get me a gallon jug of some of your precious water/oil hybrid beaches in a sealed container, and then have it sent via ups, I would pay you for that shit.  Contact me for confirmation and a mailing address, I WILL be asking you for confirmation of where you live, and I WILL give you both money and MCS+ for the water/oil/sand container and pictures of the gathering.  image via TBP


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    I would but live a 1000 miles from the gulf.
    Can still get McS+?
    I help you get that achivement in odst.

    tiki god

    you help me get the other 3 or 4 I need and 100% you will get mcs++ which is much better then mcs+, cause it has another +


    This weekend?


    I want to play, too! But I do not know if I can.

    I fucking love Invasion Slayer.

    tiki god

    Invasion won’t get me ODST cheevos

    tiki god

    as soon as possible brah

    casemods UID# 667

    Would you pay for gas to santa cruz? Oh wait, puulaahi live in santa cruz. Tell him to get you some.


    Someone doesn’t know geography. No surprise there.


    im headin to new orleans for memorial day…

    ill bring some big ass water bottles or something


    I’ll hook it up tiki, I’ll let you know on the forums when I head out to get some.


    I’ll have to wait until it get caught up in the “Loop”… Look at the Satellite analysis of the currents… it just might get pulled in and pulled right through the middle keys and into the gulf stream… That’s gonna suck. What company in Florida BTW?




    I should be headed to NOLA memorial weekend too. Will try to get you some.




    Ditto. Need more DIT.


    where is the joke here?


    the whole gulf coast is going to be a fucking toxic mess! get it. Still think it could only improve current galvaston beaches.


    I hope you plan to supply the shippers with the proper documentation and package markings, spilled crude oil is a hazardous material and shipping it without the proper markings and declarations can result in huge fines, not to mention endangering the lives of the people who handle it if they don’t know it is hazmat.
    UPS tends to shy away from hazmat shipments, but Fedex accepts most dangerous goods provided you have it packed and marked correctly and supply the shippers declaration of dangerous goods. Fedex is very strict ont he rules however, since they transport via air they have a lot more to risk and have to act according to IATA and FAA rules.
    Be careful in this endeavor.


    lol i was gonna say, might look suspicious ppl mailing litre jugs full of oil/water mixtures


    I’m in Florida, Tiki. I’ll see what I can do.


    So that’s how you guys buy your grease down in the states? You can’t smoke that shit, it’s covered in water.


    To do my part and save the planet, I’ll pay $25 for every barrell of crude you collect.

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