How does this ann taylor loft size 6 peacoat look?

DSCN6149.JPG (1 MB)

I like the fit but the arms are a little short.

It was only $35 at ross.

Also, what is size 6? Are peacoats measured differently?

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    The Matrix: Rebooted

    That’s a women’s coat.


    Yeah, Anne Taylor is a women’s brand of clothing. So it looks like you’re wearing a woman’s coat.




    Take off your sister’s coat you fggt.


    oh, don’t give him the satisfaction. . .


    I like it. It defines your shape well and reflects your personality.


    oh ic what ur doing… 😉

    i agree it looks awsome! you should wear it everywhere! anytime you try to pick up a girl you should def wear that… maybe even think about getting a size smaller.


    looks like sylar


    Obvious troll is obvious. Moar obvious than usual.


    I love guys in peacoats, but unfortunately this one just doesn’t suit you.
    A peacoat is supposed to be long and loose…
    Yes, they were originally a men’s coat, but the one you’re wearing isn’t: that is a size 6 women’s, the buttons are supposed to be parallel in a man’s peacoat, but they make allowances for bust in the buttons on women.

    If the sleeves were long enough I’d say go for it! But I think you’ll need to look for something more like this:

    Numero 41

    nice comment


    Negative. Peacoat should look like this


    The Nordstrom one should be at least one size bigger on that guy, and the shoulder/wrist should be cut off.


    that is actually a womans coat lol you can tell because of the bottoms and with mens coats you button it left over right lol




    Honestly, it does not look that bad. I always have liked pea coats. I used to think they were called PCoats. Also, I have worn a woman’s jacket before as well, but I did not know about the button thing.


    yah its an old thing, its so ppl could unbutton their jackets while holding a sword in a duel or something like that


    As I read it, women’s buttons were on the other side because they would be dressed by a maid. But that could be wrong.


    yah ive heard that also


    my friend wants to go out with you

    and by go out he wants to vandalize your orifice like a rapid wolverine hungry for faggot


    and by rapid i mean rabid


    Either one would work, really.


    You fit in a woman’s size 6?


    Yeah, I think he runs in the small sizes…


    i fucking hate this douche. do you try on your mothers panties too, fag?

    Numero 41

    that’s what he says: “haters gonna hate”


    Wow, you weirdness knows no end. Why do you insist on posting yourself wearing different clothing all of the time? It is tired and weak. Post pics of yourself not being a weak ass model. I guess we can’t ban you, but you are odd. Take care odd man…..


    Get a bewb job & it’ll look great.


    This guy must have been assraped frequently for a while now. His retardation is beyond anything.

    Big Iff

    L.O.L!!! lol. Either whatever its name is has a skewered sense of humor… or, that is a pretty funny picture. It just is. Who does that?


    Trolls gotta troll


    I refuse to believe a man would spend $35 to look like that….even at Ross


    Haters is gonna hate. Trollers is gonna troll. Lollers is gonna lawl. Lurkers is gonna lurk.




    Just amused about having the belt line being like 6 inches above your bellybutton.


    Either that coat is too small or it’s a womans jacket.


    Actually this is one of those times he hasn’t said anything… Hmm have i cursed this thred?


    No, I don’t think it was you. Usually his posts have no intellectual or comedic value whatsoever. This one is actually pretty funny. So either this is an attempt to actually be funny, or really embarassing. I’m going to go with the latter based on the lack of his own posts.

    The woman’s size, the Anne Taylor tag, the short arms, the waist thing to show off his child rearing hips… that’s excellent. So dedicated that he even tied the waist strap thing! He’s like a little electrician coming back to the boat saying “hey guys, I looked all over the exchange, and this was the only peacoat I could find that fit me…” This would be followed by lots of laughter and then a good old fashioned E-div beating.


    I got a question…

    Do you think of these posts while your being sodomized by dirty hot dog vendors in the bathroom of the gas station?


    Are you just that sad and lonely that you require an almost constant reassurance of your existence from a bunch of people who really shouldn’t matter anyway?

    I mean dude, we’ve all been there…But seriously, cool it little buddy. The chickens ain’t laying because you just won’t get out of the yard. Ya hear what I’m sayin’ Whitey? Ya pickin’ up what I’m layin’ down?


    AHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh casemods, you troll you. You slay me.


    I see you’re back….
    I showed your posts to a psychology major I know, he said that without a real one-on-one therapy session he couldn’t make a concrete analysis but he had these thoughts…
    He said that it appeared that you had a near crippling need for self-promotion and that it was probably due to an extreme lack of confidence.
    He said it often came from being an only child whose parent dotes on the child and always tries to make them feel important,
    even to the point of teaching the child to rationalize failures as being someone elses fault.
    He went on to say that he believed you are probably just recently on your own for the first time, out of the family home, possibly attending school and in a place where no one knows you
    and thus no one sees you as anything special. With no one close to you to feed your incessant need for attention and the approval of others, especially your peers, you resort to self-promotion in a desperate attempt to be noticed.
    He pointed out that two things about your posts are very telling.
    First was the fact that you go to a site who’s bailiwick is photos that are funny, interesting, strange, or sexy and post images that fit none of these categories.
    Second was the tag “better than you” indicating that you have a reflexive, almost instinctual need to impress others.
    He further noted that you specialize in self-photo’s and photos of items you own, rather than images of your friends and family,
    this coupled with the fact that you post on an open forum such as MCS rather than a personal page like Facebook shows the true depth of your “need” issues.
    Posting to a social site would limit you to people who actually care about you in one form or another and he concluded that your circle of friends isn’t nearly large enough for your “crippled psyche”.
    He concluded that in all likelihood you just wanted to be liked, but without the built-in support network you had as a child, you simply have no idea how to be personable.
    He said his advice would be to make you understand that demanding respect proves a person unworthy of respect.

    It sounded like a pretty good assessment to me.


    very well put.


    posting the same shit 3 times, any psychologist would say, you have the problem. Apparently you posted the same thing 3 times, because you want casemods to read it so he would know that you have a scientific argument, on how psychologically fucked up casemods is (of coarse the is no chance he will understand that because he’s a fucking narcissist). Anyway, I asked a friend of mine, who happens to be a psychology major, and he said, that posting such a thing more than one times, in most of casemods posts, means that you seek attention…



    Anyway, I asked a friend of mine, who happens to be a psychology major, what he thought of this thread and he read it and started screaming “WTF IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU FAGGOTS” and then stripped down to his Superman Underoos and jumped out my 5th-story window.


    what in god’s green earth is an underoo?


    If you don’t already know, you don’t want to…


    I know you’re not going to believe this, but I was in LA visiting a friend of mine. We went salsa dancing, and I ran into this psychology major…


    At first I was like 😀

    But then

    I srs’d and nodded solemnly 😐


    If it is worth anything i think the coat is lovely despite it being for the opposite gender.


    wow is that what you are wearing to the new sex in the city movie?


    people for god stakes stop feeding the troll. If you want this subhuman to go away the only way is if his posts start getting zero comments.


    I’m sure he knows its a woman’s coat. Some men like the cut on woman’s clothes and it looks good on some guys.


    I read all the above comments. And I agree with all of them. Except…

    I think BetterThanYou is kinda cute. And despite the woman’s jacket, I’d do him.


    there is nothing more to say you are obiously a retard. and a cam ho. I ment the one in the post not everyone lese posting here.


    Dude. No.

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