Emma Watson at the gala

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Emma Watson – Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala, May 3rd 2010

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    i love the way her feet turn in like that


    I would do things to those feet.


    While I’m busy with the girl proper.

    tiki god

    While I’m busy with the girl’s pooper.


    That’s what I read too…


    Hey, I can mess with her feet while I do other stuff to her! Back off! I was here first! FUCK!


    Good Jesus. I wish she would do just ONE pr0n flick. I would actually pay for that.


    really? I honestly think half her appeal is that she’s *not* trash.


    agreed, she’s forbidden fruit. first because of age, and now because she hasn’t done that topless scene or FHM spread. I think her career could go very well if she chooses strictly classy roles and moderately grossing thinking man’s films. Her first nude/topless scene would be a thoroughly unsexed scene (I’m thinking of another Emma, Emma Thompson’s breast exposing scene in HBO’s Wit where the overly research-obsessed Jonathan Woodward’s character rips her hospital gown off to perform CPR even though she is DNR). I think Watson has the option of following a race to the bottom, where she would have… Read more »


    I think her career and her schooling have shown she is already pretty classy, I just hope she sticks with it.

    Whatever she does, moving to Hollywood is probably a bad idea.


    I loved Wit. I didn’t think anyone else had seen it. No one seems to know what I’m talking about when I refer to it. I’m gonna check netflix and see if they have it on the Watch Instantly list.


    Really? I’m surprised. It deserves to be loved. I know it’s an HBO original production from before the Sapranos and everyone in the world watching HBO, but didn’t it win a metric fuck-ton of awards?

    My sister’s mother-in-law has stage 4 metasticized lung cancer and I am half tempted to urge her whole family to watch it, but I know how traumatizing it would be. She’s choosing NOT to do chemo, since it won’t save her, and I’d like the family members who are upset by this to understand why. It’d just be to much right now.




    Looks like she’s overcoming that ugly British girl thing pretty well.


    She’s got that look like someone is making her wait. She obviously needs to upgrade to one of us that would willingly follow her around like puppies.

    Part of me hopes she doesn’t go the way of lohan/reid, but there are definitely other parts of me that hope she does!