Bug on a screen

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WTF is this thing? It was on my porch screen, and was roughly 2″ from head to tail, looked like a mosquito.

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    A crane fly ?? Here in Oregon we have quite a few of them. I call them Texas Skeeters. lol


    they are known as crane flies or mosquito hawks. super handy for humans as they get rid of smaller flying insects like gnats or mosquitos, and they dont/cant bite us.

    they also have the added bonus of freaking out my sister like you wouldnt believe. cheap entertainment when we were growing up, because one would inevitably be hanging around the bathroom in the morning, and she would let out a blood curdling shriek as if the thing was trying to fly up her nose.


    That wikipedia page doesn’t have all the information, I’m surprised.

    It’s a well known fact that at some point in history, Satan, Hitler, and Sauron came together for an annual meeting, and after some brainstorming and tequila, decided to create the “Mosquito Hawk”.

    My question is, how did you get the picture? The clearest ive ever seen one of them is a brief blur before I crawl under the couch.


    They’re commonly called ‘Daddy Long-Legs’ in the UK, we get thousands of them appearing over the summer. They’re the stupidist flying creature I know of. If one gets in your bedroom at night, it will make a hell of a racket bouncing of the ceiling and walls in a fit of stupidity, until you squash the little bastard.


    Huh, in the US “Daddy Long-Legs” are an arachnid, that are considered harmless but rumored to have the deadliest venom in the world. They really are just sorta there, and you don’t really think twice about them.


    The deadly venom story is used here for the daddy long-legs, however even though it’s supposed to have this deadly venom it is useless becauseit can’t bite humans…. LOL.


    yeah, it’s a myth. the harvestman is the other common name for the arachnid commonly called daddy longlegs in america. they can bite but it’s not lethal by any stretch of the imagination.

    craneflies are also non-venomous and don’t bite. the adults are the ones flying around and they don’t actually eat at all, just mate and die.

    funny that a picture of one should pop up on here, i’ve been studying them for a week or so.

    little bastards look kind of steampunk or post-apocalyptica up close, don’t they?


    The adults don’t eat? What kind of a retard species is that?


    Got bit twice by one. Didn’t really hurt (scale of 1 to bark scorpion), but felt soooo sick. Like a cartoon character gone completely green, whole-body-not-just-belly-or-head SICK.


    Not possible. They don’t have mouth parts.


    yeah, youre one lying motherfucker


    i hate those harmless fuckers, because they fly randomly


    Ok. Call me a pussy… Thank you, but if I saw that shit fly into the house, I would jump up and swat that thing down with anything I could find; a magazine, a shirt, a baby, etc. I would then proceed to stomp it in an adrenaline induced, primal fear of the unknown. Yes. I would freak the fuck out. Yeah, yeah. Pussy shit.


    That thing is rad. I used it at a friends house but I think that this Godzilla mosquito would scoff at the idea. Also, in a frenzy of panic, I don’t think I would even think of reaching for that.


    Awesome picture.


    There are lots of species of insect that do not eat in their adult form. They spend most of their life cycle in the larval form, eating and growing, until they are ready to make the change to their adult body. Once that happens, the only thing on the mind of the adult insect is to find a mate and breed. Once that happens, the insect dies, so there really isn’t a need for them to eat. Unfortunately this exposes the myth that they have anything to do with decreasing the mosquito and gnat populations. They don’t eat them. They… Read more »


    i’ve also heard them called “skeeter-eaters”, but that’s not true, becuse they don’t eat.

    i believe “crane fly” is the more common name.


    My dad always says: “If it looks like a mosquito and it aint barkin’ like a dog, then it ain’t no dog!”


    Lot’s of long-legged critters get called Daddy Long Legs. The true one is a house spider with a skinny body and insanely long legs. There are bunches in my basement apartment. They carry their eggs around in their mouth. I have a photo. The Harvestman is like a spider, but isn’t. Most people call them Daddy Long Legs. They’re the ones that look like a little ball with legs. And then there are the Crane Flies. I love these dudes. Totally harmless, very laid back, always appear at the nicest part of summer.