Crane Car

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Totally wanted to hop in and start driving this thing around the pipe yard, but alas to many people around.

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    does it have a Hemi?


    if i had access to one, i would be in jail because i would go around moving heavy things in a funny way. like your car is now perpendicular in your driveway or some other shenanigans


    They’re called carry decks. Our plant always calls them “Drotts” after a manufacturer of them.


    Needs a bigassed steel fist on the end of the boom.


    Imagination fail. Needs bigassed steel penor, then shenanigans in the aforementioned pipe yard.

    casemods UID# 667

    Having a dad that works in construction makes this post VERY boring.

    That’s the smallest crane I’ve ever seen…

    Not to mention very old and outdated


    WTF does what your father do have to do with anything? Is it take your kid to work day everyday in your part of the world?

    My old man built cars for 27 years…Does this mean I know more or have some innate knowledge of vehicle manufacturing?

    I work as a heavy machine operator, does this suddenly grant my daughter some greater wisdom and forsight into the world of heavy equipment?

    BTW that boom truck is about 4 or 5 years old…The life span of this type of equipment would actually make this piece of equipment relatively new.

    Oh and my dad could kick your dad’s ass! So there!

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