Arte de Santa Fe

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My partner and I put a deposit down on a studio in downtown Santa Fe. It will be an art gallery selling our work, as well as local painters and jewelry designers we like. It’s 4 rooms 2 for the gallery and 2 for our studios. If all goes well, we move in mid-May.


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    Party at bottlecap’s!


    Looks like you’re moving into a block of tofu. I hope you’re planning to paint it (especially if it’s going to be a studio/gallery.)


    That’s a really common color combination in the southwest, actually.


    All the more reason.


    They can’t. They could paint the trim, but Santa Fe city ordinance says its got to stay within the flavor of the area. My boss got in trouble for painting his stores white, had to go back and repaint em Santa Fe Tan…

    But Good luck! Post the name and street, I’ll make the trip up from Albq or stop in when I’m on a service run up there.


    You’re gonna do great! I think I’ve seen that building. If it’s the one I’m thinking of, it’s in an awesome location. Congratulations!


    So gay artists moving into a new studio. Grats!


    I often refer to Santa Fe as FANTASIA! Las Cruces is the real New Mexico.


    Real estate prices in Santa Fe are still outrageous. For no good reason either. It’s an over-hyped, tourist-trap, dirt town. The capital should be moved to Albuquerque.


    Congrats though, on your business venture moving forward. Good luck to you!


    NNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Got enough problems here without bringing MORE politicians to town on a regular basis!


    Good luck, man. It’s a rough time for tourism-based trade, but if you can stick it out, I’m sure things will recover.

    Beautiful area, I miss the mountains. Haven’t been back to Santa Fe since my grandmother died.

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