swine flu

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    I can fuck a person without a condom if I know they aren’t infected.

    I can’t walk down the street without a mask and hope none of the people I pass have it.


    swine flu won’t kill you.


    This time i had to +1 your comment


    Of course it can, it even says on the pic that people die of it.


    Well see, here’s the thing: They die because of swine flu COMPLICATIONS. And I’ll save you some time by answering the stupid question you were going to ask. AIDS doesn’t kill you because of complications. It kills you because it fucks up your immune system. AIDS eventual will kill the infected. Swine flu on the other hand, may infect millions, but only kill some because of complications.

    Now, I really hope that you were just trolling, because that much ignorance cannot even be conceived by my mind.

    purple banana

    Actually, AIDS deaths are caused not by AIDS, but by a pathogen that your body could normal fight off, but is unable to because AIDS has depleted your immune response.

    RIGHT ON though for the H1N1 complications being the cause of death. Most people don’t realize that.


    can swine flu not be a complication of AIDS, and kill you? swine flu most certainly does kill people…. I have first hand experience of that


    Who the fuck said that swine flu is a complication of AIDS? Maybe I didn’t understood what you meant since english is not my native, but if I understood right, you think that we think that swine flu can only kill people who have suppressed immune system because of AIDS. NO. I’ll try to explain this as simple as I can. Suppose we have a person A, who supposedly has a weak heart (I DON’T KNOW if weak heart has anything to do with swine flu, I am supposing for the sake of the example that it has). Let’s suppose… Read more »

    tiki god

    I’m pretty sure he’s saying that it COULD be a complication of AIDs, which makes sense?


    that is what i meant and this person with the “weak heart” who dies because they contracted swine flu,fair enough if they hadn’t had a previous medical condition they may not have died because of swine flu, but if they hadn’t have gotten swine flu, they wouldn’t have died either. So is their death not as a result of swine flu? even if they had a previously weak immune system it wasn’t until they got swine flu that they died….


    And he also had a weak heart. Isn’t his death a result of his weak heart?

    “even if they had a previously weak immune system it wasn’t until they got swine flu that they died”. There are a lot of viruses that can kill someone with a weak immune system.


    HIV is to small, will pass right through a condom. Everyone is taught this in grade school, yet no one catches on. Why do people still believe that a condom will prevent aids? The best way to not catch aids is to not copulate with someone that has the virus. Get tested… Gah, ignorance.




    whatever your parents paid for your grade school, get a refund.


    You’re gonna die because of the swine flu.


    you’re dick is too small




    hey that mask condom thing actually is pretty weird if you think about it.



    People die in car accidents everyday… but you don’t see them wearing a mask or a condom…


    or seat belts. :/


    This has scared me enough that I am now going to buy a mask for my penis.


    To be fair, masks don’t make breathing feel like shit.


    what kind of pussy are u fuckin that feels like shit? chances are that if a thin layer of latex (or sheepskin for pussies) completely ruins the experience, you were already doing something wrong.


    Is it not also true that more people die due to your standard yearly flu strain than those with H1N1?


    it’s very true, which is why everyone freaking out is hilarious. A bad flu is a bad flu. It’ll make you feel like shit and kill a few people.
    Also, sex with a condom is awful, but totally necessary these days. There could probably be a cure for STD’s by now, but that would mean sexual freedom and the whole world would fall apart. Also, you can also get herpes from getting head from someone with a cold sore. Gonna wear a condom over your head?


    Because swine flu has been around as long as HIV (Remember now, starting with Bush administration going to Africa and infecting africans [1])

    And because swine flu is as easily spread around as HIV, yes, copulating someone without protection is as often as you walk on the street where droplets of sneezing can stay airborne for hours.

    I can tell from those lapis lazuli/turquoise necklaces and those fancy curls that this person belongs on www.latfh.com/

    1. Kanye West


    I stand corrected. Latex condoms will prevent transmission.


    Can’t get a refund for grade school, taxes pay that… No I didn’t try… I am going/paying for college… I thought it was working… 🙂


    then welcome back to the real world B-)

    casemods UID# 667

    Sex feels good.

    AIDS is a slow and painless death.

    Swine flue you can get by air and it sucks….hur dur


    A wild casemods appears