Weird ways people die in America

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    how the hell do you die from falling off furniture?.


    Probably also consists of hitting your head against something hard/sharp/with a metal corner, like maybe one of those old radiator some homes have.


    Bunk beds – lots of kids break their backs and necks every year falling from the top bunk. I’m surprised they even still sell them given the accidents that have occurred. I fell off one we had when I was a kid, but managed to land flat on my back. It just knocked the wind out of me.


    i have a scar on the back of my head from tripping over the cat and falling on the corner of a chair, i was walking backwards, carrying laundry. I can see death from that.


    I’m more intrigued by the “ignition or melting of nightwear”


    Spontaneous combustion… I’m telling ya, it happens. Actually I think that should be lumped into the ignition/melting of clothing and apparel.

    And I’d really like to know how you die from hot water. What, do people Boil themselves to death?

    And then there’s the accidental hanging, and strangulation while in bed. I’m willing to bet there is some hanky panky going on there…

    fracked again

    You seriously don’t want to know how people die from hot water. I was talking to a forensic toxicologist once and she told me about a guy who was on a coke binge at a hotel. He got in the tub probably to cool off from feeling hot and turned the faucet too far, giving him hot water. He either got stuck in a behavioral loop (which coke will do to you) and couldn’t manage to turn the knob the other direction or just passed out. They found his body because cokehead soup started to pour down into the room… Read more »


    Colonel Mustard.
    In the hot tub.
    With coke.


    The hot water deaths might be babies, mostly. Parent doesn’t check the bathwater or whatever, kid gets boiled. Horrible.
    You know what’s even worse? Parents who forget their kids in the car. Happens more than you think, and more than ever now that baby seats are in the back seat and face backwards. A journalist wrote a pulitzer prize winning piece about it that is absolutely heartbreaking. One dad tried to wrestle a gun away from one of the cops at the scene, so he could kill himself.
    Here’s the article, if anyone is interested:


    I thought these were supposed to be weird. I was expecting stuff like “died from massive internal hemorrhaging after performing bestiality with a horse” and yes, this has happened…