avatar sketch

avatar sketch

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    Big Iff

    Very nice Illustrator pic, if you did it. AVATAR SUCKS AS A MOVIE THOUGH… real bad. Unless you are algore… Great 3D/Graphics… Bad script etc… Seriously bad script. Almost as bad as the worst daffy duck cartoon you can imagine.


    you lack class
    the movie avatar was based too much on special effects yes, but it was based on the classic idea of white man invading the Native American lands, just in this case, the natives won and pushed the intruders back out
    sadly, i was disgusted that they hired AFRICANS to play the main roles of the lead Na’vi girl and guy, i mean, wtf, theres plenty of Native American actors/actresses, why hire Monkeys and fuck up the effect of the movie


    Because the tribes had a distinct African aesthetic to them? Cry more.

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