Massive Wreck on the I-10

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Two trucks collide jump the center divider and catch on fire. All because the truck driver was texting at 70 mph. The driver did not survive.

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    was the truck on its side, or was your truck on its side when you took this picture??


    how do you know he was texting?


    i just fucking came here to say that


    fuckin hell.

    fracked again

    IDK, my BFF Jill?


    How do you know he was driving at 70 mph and texting? Did you gather this information as you were driving by and creating a worse traffic jam by gawking and snapping photos? Did the dead driver tell you this? Show me a link to a newspaper article or I call BS.


    my neck hurts a hole


    from the whiplash?


    You didn’t tilt your head to the extrem left?


    1-2 Teddy


    this looks like ms paint

    tiki god

    what part of I-10 were you on? I had no idea that that fucking road went from coast to coast : I’ve been on I-10 hundreds of times, and have done 120mph on it in my accura legend. I was doing down the road doing that obscene speed and had the air vents open and the sunroof open, and the air filters blew out and a pound of leaves and dirt came flying out of the vents. it was crazy scary. I spent the rest of the trip doing the speed limit. that car later died on me right… Read more »

    Luke Magnifico

    You had two dogs, should have sledded home,


    i just rode 5500 miles on my motorcycle. the number of truckers talking on the phone is amazing. most of them were talking on them. i remember one texting fer sher. one was watching a movie!!

    they’ll know for sure if he was texting by his phone history. and most big rigs have GPS tracking for the company- so if they say he was texting, he probably was.


    the fine for text messaging while operating a commercial vehicle is “up to $2750.00”


    Killing a bunch of unsuspecting commuters in an effort to squeeze out “I <3 TRUCKNUTS" on your Blackberry: Priceless.

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