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this is sooooo true for me


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    tiki god

    I’d still make fun of you, if only because only children have ever played these games.

    and only children ever watched power rangers.

    and only children are graduating from college now.

    /sob. get off my damn lawn you kids!


    Unfortunately true.

    Jesus Christ

    I loved my Pokemon-themed Gameboy color. My parents got it for me as a Christmas gift. It had Pikachu, Togepi, and Jigglypuff on it. Hell yeah. I was stylin’ guy.


    I’m 26 (soon to be 27 in a week) and I’ve been playing pokemon since it first came out. I didn’t become a whore to it and do the card game, but I did watch the show, but eventually lost interest. People in high school used to call me a fag for playing pokemon.
    I really don’t know where this story is going, so…anyone want to trade some pokemons?


    I’m 27, and I feel like Pokémon is one of those things I would have LOVED if I was just 1-2 years younger when it came out. As it is, I have all these friends younger than me who act like it’s one of the most amazing things to grace their lives.

    Probably the only thing in my life I was I was born a little latter for (usually the opposite).


    I still likey my evee! The wife wants a DS so I think the bug will get me again eventually.

    Luke Magnifico

    My friends and I just started playing the card game again.


    actually, i’m in highschool, and this is occuring. it must just be on the nostalgia bounce-back

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