Moar Red Dead Redemption

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Cannot wait! I plan on walking the path as a law abiding desperado that occasional walks the path of an outlaw.

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    I CAN’T WAIT. this game will last me years!


    yeah. looks good. once i beat a game, i’m done with it. i’m assuming from your name your not from texas.


    So fucking excited. I will be the darsh horse-jacking you!


    Desperadoes are outlaws by the way, but yea, I’m excited to see this one come out. I like that it also has a “free roam” mode for multiplayer.


    I’m just hacked that I was once again reminded that the release date was pushed back. I WANTS IT NOW


    Is this the wrong time to say that I like my cowboys with swords. In other words, RED STEEL 2 4EVAR!!!


    That last pic looks fun.

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