marijuana – harmless

marijuana - harmless

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    well it would be if you fuckers quit making people stay in a dangerous place like jail. we dont need anyone emailing other planets that they just discovered how to cure baldness with ground beef


    how about 14 gold medals like Michael? How about 10 Grammy’s like Willie? more here…


    yeah Phelps, a one-trick pony justifies marijuana use.

    Jesus Christ



    Well, the only reason it’s NOT harmless is because it’s illegal. The other high activities listed might have been stupid, but they weren’t hurting anyone. Hearing your hair grow is somethong everyone should experience.


    And how many stupid/dangerous things have been done with alcohol?

    Since it is legal, I would bet that, on a yearly basis, a lot more has been done while drunk than has been done on pot.

    After all, how many bar fights start at pot clubs?


    And therein lies the irony…

    More people drive while intoxicated than while high on the ganja… Not because weed is illegal, but because when you’re high, you’re not particularly motivated to do anything, let alone go anywhere. In fact you are less likely to do anything at all while high, than you would be while drunk.

    And yet alcohol is legal, and weed is not.


    Oh FFS, go pick on a drug that actually kills people.


    Uranus never replied to my email.

    What an asshole.




    Ur anus is a pain in the ass too?


    What is in the pic that is intended to show that it is, in fact, harmful? ‘Cause I ain’t seein’ it.


    Yeah, it’s the… No… they’re talking ’bout the… Errrmm… no… I think they mean…

    Awww, Forget this, I’m gonna go get high…


    yeah yeah you fucking pothead. Go make a hat out of ground beef and spend your night in jail…


    Whelp… Didn’t go to jail… And those pot burgers I made the next day were awesome!


    Seeing how the first three captions are completely ludicrous I’m going to go ahead and continue the trend and not believe the fourth caption.

    Blatant propaganda and misinformation makes me mad.


    sorry tiki you really fucked up on posting this pic


    Yeh guys, stick with the harmless legal drugs, and remember – do not enhance or open your mind in any way, your brain might fall out.


    …well….this fails.


    is this supposed to make people not want to smoke weed? i dont understand. “spent the night in jail”. well sounds like he got out first thing in the morning so who the fuck cares lol. gaaah.
    cant these people do more studies on what this drug does to the brain instead? would be so much more useful. read a honest one some time back which basically said that for some reason it regenerated neurons in “proper” adults, while it killed neurons in a developing brain.


    so on your side, you say that full grown adults should use marijuana? but most users start young

    think about it, if you stopped people using young, then all those kids with ‘problems’ who smoke weed to deal with ‘how hard life is’, if they didnt have weed now, they might kill themselves since they cant handle life, and they would not be alive to be adult stoners,

    meanwhile all the people who can handle life without drugs, and grow up to adulthood, they’ve been clean all that time, why start wasting their life now?


    Now, the real trolls are those who created this ad. Little fuckers and their stupid drug war… Even if weed is as harmful as they say, It’s MY FUCKING RIGHT to harm MYSELF. I don’t see I’m doing more harm that the dude who drinks a couple of drinks and drives risking his and other ppls life, or the dude that smokes 2 packs a day running (pfff, like he can run) to his probable painful death (and probably taking a couple others with him). Now, make alcohol and tobacco illegal, and I’ll even support classifying marijuana as an A… Read more »


    I can agree with you on most of this but it’s more than education, it’s environment…If you can deal with a criminal record for possesion you’re not going far in life, period. People use drugs for many reasons, attacking the source of the problem instead of blaming weed would be more usefull. As far as it being a gateway drug, it is, stop it. Not everyone will do coke the following week, but you’ll start hanging around the dudes that sold you the weed, get in with that crowd and so on…that’s where it goes south. You’re little habit now… Read more »

    Alec Dalek

    Dude, it’s only a gateway drug because it’s illegal (give ordinary people access to hard drugs). Meanwhile, alcohol is the real gateway drug, and it’s legal. In fact, all the things in the ad can happen as a result of drinking, which again, is legal.


    old argument – talk to someone who’s smoked 14-25+ and ask them what sensible things to do are.. like not smoking much/any on weekdays for a while, and giving yourself two weeks off, or making sure you exercise to get your hormones pumping so you aren’t always half asleep. It does have negative effects, but not from smoking it as such, but from being sedated 24/7 and forgetting how to relax properly without it – once you know when to take a little break or cut down those negatives go quite quickly.

    But yea… derp…


    This is bullshit. Meat hats need to be made out of flank steaks.


    men get hats made from steaks, women get bras made from bacon (go find that pic)


    I think more people distrust the government after smoking pot, because they realize all the bullshit that’s been fed to them about what pot does to you (Meat hats? Really?) is just that, bullshit.

    The two most dangerous things about marijuana are the lies and being illegal.


    Spending the night in jail isn’t due to an inherent quality in pot that causes you to teleport into a jail cell. Besides, alcohol gets people into jail too if abused, and I don’t see anyone making it illegal. Well… except for backwards countries run by troglodytes like Saudi Arabia.


    Saudi Arabia can be pretty decent
    a friend of mine whose from there said if you get caught with 1 ecstasy pill, you straight away get 6 months in jail


    what a fucking retarded advert, yeah IT IS HARMLESS!! WTF?? The harm comes from the cops and the stupid laws!! Do it w apples! wat if apples were illegal??

    “apple pie”
    “candy apple”
    “sliced into bits in a salad”
    “breakfast in a hurry”
    “getting beaten up in a cell by the apple police”
    “apples. harmless?”


    A night in jail for a joint? Fuck! I got cought with a 1/2 quarter and the cops just took it!


    Isn’t that an eighth? 😛


    Now you know why marijuana is bad.


    When I was in school, that was what it was called, and as far as I know, it still is.


    So it’s ‘Marijuana makes you act like an idiot and makes you think you’re being super deep. Then you get locked up. IS IT REALLY SO MUCH FUN AFTER ALL!?!’

    So basically they’re saying marijuana is a frat mixer in a bit of paper, only with less rape.

    Luke Magnifico

    The hat one is ridiculous, if you have ground beef at your disposal while toking you fry that shit up and chomp on it, not make it into hats.


    Ok enough, it ain’t good fer you… It isn’t safe…amd it will slow you down. I’ve seen what ten and twenty year usage does to people…not good. Don’t point at famous people with cancer or rock stars…..pls. It affect you in ways you won’t realise until it’s too late.. Having said that, legalize the shit… Individual Freedoms need to be expanded. We don’t need criminals making money on this and killing everyone in their way. Just because I think you’re throwing your life away doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the right to smoke what the heck you want, just keep… Read more »


    Would you stop using so many damn ellipses? You’re using them wrong and it’s really irritating. Moreover, it’s difficult to take you seriously when you write like a prepubescent.


    I stopped caring after forty what people thought of me.
    Maybe you should stop trolling ?


    Is anyone really loving the irony of the government propaganda highlighting rather well that the problems related to this drug are the drug war itself and nothing else?

    I half wonder if the author of this piece is an inside reformer… otherwise they’re just entirely clueless… or this is a shop.


    Because the legal ones are sooo much better for you *rolleyes*

    *vomited on shoes
    *started a fight in a bar
    *ran over a pedestrian
    *developed cirrhosis of the liver


    Phail troll poster is Phail.


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    twat. take weed mush peyote or k and open your eyes


    Indeed! Meditation is the best high anyone can achieve its good for the mind, body and spirte. Its free and cant go to jail for it.