incorrect road signs

you know why this is wrong?  there’s an onramp about a 10th of a mile down the road, you can kinda see it there.  don’t be a dick, get out of the merge lane, so the traffic that’s joining the road can join and not run over your stupid ass.

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    truth. also, people who tailgate me on a four lane highway at 4 in the morning when no one is around, suck my dick.

    Jesus Christ

    I try to get over as much as I can, but you know, dicks on the highway WON’T FUCKING LET ME. There I am, creating miracles like magnets and answering my cell phone while driving, and minding my own business. I try to get over for joining commuters to get onto the highway safely, THEN THERE’S THIS ASSHOLE.


    OK, just a couple of observations that apply to double lane highways, but apply equally to multiple lane through fares: 1. You do not have to be in the left lane in order for people merging to be able to merge. If they don’t know how to merge, I believe it to be their malfunction, not yours. It is certainly a considerate gesture, however the people in the passing lane will invariably be traveling much faster than those in the merge lane, so if you are traveling slower than they are, your act of generosity will comes at the price… Read more »


    I’m a left lane driver, on a 2 lane highway. I don’t drive in the right lane because of the trucks. They’ve destroyed the asphalt in the right lane and they’re invariably going 10mph below the speed limit, which is 70mph where I do most of my driving. That said, if someones coming up on me fast, I’ll move to the right if I can, especially if no one is in front of me. However, if I’m in a long line of traffic, I stay put. I get really annoyed if I’m in the left lane and the car in… Read more »


    Also, in a multi-lane highway, I don’t like the middle lanes. There’s too much merging from both the left and the right and no steady speed.


    Good points. I hadn’t considered the road condition argument. Though I’m still unsure about the validity of the “no steady speed” argument. By definition, flux in the middle lane generally means more variable speeds in the far lanes. IE, There will generally always be someone driving faster than you in the left lane, and someone driving slower than you in the right. If you drive at an average speed relative to everyone else, then it seems like you will spend just as much time changing lanes to allow people to pass you, on the left, as you would passing those… Read more »


    The trucks are driving slower because your state (most likely) requires them to drive slower then the speed of traffic. Ohio does this, as does many others. It is very unsafe, as cars drive right under the back of trucks. Hard to believe; but again, it falls under people are dumb. If you highways are tore up, that again falls to you. You elected your state officals, and they failed to get the highway paved. So you should still be in the right lane. Here in Pennsylvania we have 4 Seasons. Deer, winter, still winter and Construction. If you do… Read more »


    Some trucks have governors on them (e.g. Food Lion). They’re always in the right lane. I drive through Pennsylvania on a regular basis (81 & 78, also 76 & 83 less often) and the right lanes are terrible there too. Some sections are fine, others are horrible. I drive the entire distance of 78 and Frystown to Allentown is really bad.


    Here in Pennsylvania we have 4 Seasons. Deer, winter, still winter and Construction.


    Think Tank

    The second your vehicle goes above the speed limit, you negate any right to complain about slower drivers.


    Bullshit. There are unwritten rules of the road. Everyone (including morons) knows this and knows what the rules are.

    Think Tank

    There’s also actual written rules of the road that everyone, including those same morons, have to know to be driving in the first place. I speed all the time, but if I come up to someone driving the speed limit, I don’t feel I have any right to get upset because they are technically the ones in the right. Now, if you’re driving the speed limit and you come across someone blocking your pass, then yeah, get a little peeved.


    Sorry Think Tank, wrong again. No matter the speed limit the rule stands:
    Lead, Follow or Get The Fuck Out Of The Way!


    If someone is driving the speed limit AND you’re in traffic, no prob. No matter how fast you’re going, if you’re in the left lane (w/ little traffic) and someone wants to get by, move the fuck over (if you can).


    @Thinktank, I’m afraid I agree with Nyokki and Macio. One of the many things everyone should also have learned during driving school was that the left lane is not a driving lane, but a passing lane. If you choose to ignore this rule for your own benefit, fine, however you cannot then claim any kind of moral high ground over those who speed. In fact, regardless of the speed limit, a person who drives slower than everyone else, in the passing lane, is actually more likely to cause an accident than a person who is speeding. Yes, excessive speed does… Read more »




    Umm… wow that got long real fast…

    Maxwell Edison

    That’s what she said.


    Hardy har har… 🙂


    No. Fuck those assholes in the right lane. They go slow, so I gain on them while cruise control is on, and then, as soon as I start to pass them, they fucking speed up. Of course, usually I’ll get some guy who was a mile behind go “OMFG THERES A GUY IN THE LANE SUDDENLY I NEEEEEEED TO GO FAST LIKE RIGHT NOW” and fly up on my ass out of nowhere. So what do you do? Speed up? No. The shitfuck in the right lane speeds up too. Slow down? Nope. That same cockmongler in the right lane… Read more »


    People don’t know how to drive.