how not to fail at life

how not to fail at life 1.png (180 KB)

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Sorry, I know it’s likely more reading than you’re accustomed to.

Internets forgive me if any are reposts.

P.S. the title is a Penny Arcade reference.

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    tiki god

    fucking people don’t read the fucking submissions guidelines.

    single topic you sick fucks.



    step 1. don’t be casemods
    step 2. repeat step one


    I’m actually glad you posted this natedog, because this process actually saved my life in one of the grim points of my life… I said to myself

    “How can I improve my life, Adro?”

    And then I realized… all I had to do was not be casemods!


    It’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it, not being him? It seems so obvious now.


    sorry i’m not not accostomed to reading more than a couple of lines we’re all stupid obese opinionated stereotyped americans here

    Jesus Christ



    Where the fuck is my McDonalds Big Mac and Nascar!


    the thing about relationships is stupid

    shakespeare has that shit down.

    the lady doth protest to much

    she will hate you then grow to like you


    Oh, nuts. I’m still at step 4. Haven’t worked out the courage to get to step 5 (mostly because I’m still too damn picky for my own good).

    Luke Magnifico

    Do something that you enjoy in public.

    Like Warhammer 40k.

    Where you spend a ridiculous amount of money on tiny resin figures, spend hours building them and painting them, and then play a game based on rulers and dice.

    Also implying that autism is the same kind of disease as cancer or muscular dystrophy.

    Why would I take advice on not failing at life from someone who fails at life?


    OK, this sucks…


    rules 5 and 6 on panel 1 are BS. gifts get you no where unless you want a gold digger. talk to girls, dumbass. learn to say hello. learn to listen. learn to have a normal conversation that doesn’t include ANY jargon from 4chan. compliment them, be sincere, be polite, be honest. you don’t have to lie or not be yourself, just be your BEST self. remember, your going to meet a lot of girls. talking WITH them (not at them) is the only way to know if they’re batshit insane or even interesting people. its an interview process where… Read more »


    whoah! i hadn’t read the next couple panels yet. apparently, i jumped the gun with hitting the submit button. okay, panel 2: there are a few things on that list of things that will happen in a relationship that warrant an immediate break-up. just out of self-respect and self-preservation. if someone loves you, they will not willingly hurt you. period. the end. if she cheats, if shes a junkie, if she is mean and hurtful… LEAVE. you aren’t contractually bound to her. do you know why? REMEMBER: given the choice between being miserable alone, or miserable with someone. be alone.… Read more »


    “also, long distance NEVER works. don’t argue, it never works out”.

    That’s bollocks. I’ve had three years of long-distance in my relationship with my now wife.

    Long-idstance doesn’t work often, but it can work. You’ve just got to put in the effort: talk every day if you can, visit about once a month if you can afford it. And it definitely helps if you’ve been together in the same place for a little while beforehand. But it can work.