Welsh Flag

welshflag.jpg (2 MB)

Noticed a few welsh jokes around, so thought I’d introduce you guys to greatest flag of all time.

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    Yay a fellow ‘Jones’ 😀


    When I was in first grade we were all drawing flags for a multicultural event and I was absent on the day we chose our flags, I showed up the next day and there was only on flag left to choose from.

    Do you know how fucking hard it is to draw a Welsh flag when you’re six years old?! Seriously, whenever I see the flag I have a little nostalgia rage inside.

    teezy weezy

    sheep shagging puffs


    no that’s New Zealand.


    No no it’s us, the Welsh. I’ve just come back from the mountains, myself. Removed my velcro gloves and my wellys and I’m now gonna fap to Mutton Monthly Magazine.


    That is a great flag.

    Alpha Harrison

    The best flag? I’ve got four words for you people (especially on today, of all days): Motherfucking. Saint. George’s. Cross.


    It’s hard to get any more boring than that cross, let’s be honest.


    Billcar50; you are wrong.

    Any country with a lame three color, no design, nothing else, flag. I’m looking at you Germany, Italy, and yep, Ireland.

    They are also always the countries that have lost. you lose the rights to a good flag when you suck.


    that’s no flag. it’s a mural on a concrete wall


    its a badass flag. I live in Wales i love it.


    An excellent flag, but you could have picked a cleaner one…looks like it got dragged through a coal pit.


    Y Ddraig Goch… One of my favorite dragons…

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