Gurkha LAPV

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Based on a Ford F550 chassis, made by Armet Armored Vehicles Ltd. of Canada.


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    Luke Magnifico

    Why is the spare wheel so sticky-outy?


    yeah, I can see that getting shot off on a regular basis.


    LUKE1-5 & MyConfinedCanuck. In war, (American) you do not change a tire. Spares are for changing on base. Army combat vehicles do not even carry a spare (Stryker, MRAP). You drive it back (run flats, automatic re-inflation), or you destroy it on scene. So the tire being there are more for extra armor (my point of view) or peacetime uses. In low conflict areas (such as Iraq today) you may wait for a civilian contractor to come tow your sorry ass back. EOD snapped an axel on one of their MRAPS because MRAPS suck. WE offered to tow them back,… Read more »

    Maxwell Edison

    Just one question. Does it come in black?




    The US Marines are using the MATV now. It looks super badass.


    Don’t see it having a lot more armor than mil. grade hummers. Who’s the target market?


    Way Way more armor then a Hummer. Also sits higher (distance is armor). Doesn’t look like a lot higher in the front, but in the passenger compartment, the step is about where the floor of the Humvee is, and the floor clearly sits higher.

    Also looks like the engine compartment is at least covered w/ metal, and perhaps armor. A HUMVEE is still fiberglass there, so it take nothing to make you totally immobile.


    Where do the IED’s go?


    Apparently they take a pretty good hit. They get totally demolished and it costs over a million to make, but the cabin holds up pretty good. They were talking to some officer that got hit on a patrol by a 70 pound mine in Afghanistan and after the instant shock he saw the other guys laughing and fist bumping.

    The actual story


    Oh, and I NEED one of these. For, like, the zombie apocalypse.


    Well that’s not new. Some South African firm has been marketing something that can take an IED or mine and still be functional, not just keep the passengers alive.


    Forget getting carjacked!


    in case of zombies, aliens, or the second coming of jesus…..

    tiki god

    Is this the new hummer?

    cause like the original humvee, I’m liking the design. would love to try it out in the urban environment

    tiki god

    well shit, if there’s only 100 of them being made…


    Whoa it has BLUE UNDERGLOW? Totally unexpected.


    DO WANT!


    why one would want to drive a fucking military grade vehicle for everyday purposes? oh yeah, unless he/she’s a fucktard


    Hey, bet the folks living in Juarez wish they had military grade vehicles for everyday purposes.

    on a more serious note: It’s H.A.R.V.!


    Then a ftard am I, and proud of it.


    Has to be black though…