Ford Torino Cobra 429

Ford_Torino_Cobra_429_by_Rob1989.jpg (257 KB)

Saw this when i went to NY in December, as soon as i saw it i knew i needed to get a shot of it.. turns out its a pretty rare car 🙂

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    very rare and very cold.

    Better than you

    What camera did you use? Looks nice.

    Also, there is a mustang something cobra I think near my house.

    It looks like this kind of.

    I’ve NEVER seen a car like it.

    Sadly, it’s just sitting in the driveway, rotting in the sun.


    If I had this car or one like it you could damn well bet it wouldn’t be kept out in the weather! For SHAME!


    Did it have a bumper sticker that read “One High Toned Son of a Bitch”?


    Why the hell is it outside?