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Woody Allen, what are you doing in that top right picture? You don’t belong in a war zone! You’re just a director!


I want an anti-freedom grenade.

Joeseph Goebbels

Oh sod off.

It looked like guns from the apache. Who cares about iraqis anyway. You filthy communists, those fuckers promote terrorist attacks.

In my opinion we should just lay waste to the entire middle east.




You’re genuinely a dick if you ACTUALLY believe they looked like guns. Did you pay attention to the fucking video?


One other thing about the video, do the pilots also see in grainy B&W?

And why didn’t those Reuters guys see/hear a couple Apaches circling overhead and think to themselves “gee, those guys could totally fucking kill us at any moment. Maybe hanging out with these other doodz with AK’s & RPGs might not be a good idea.”?

It’s also called guilt by association.


Valid point in general, but, seeing as how Apaches hunt guys with AK’s and RPGs (and not wearing Iraqi military/police uniforms) I still can’t apply your point to the situation.

Granted, it does take balls to carry a camera into combat in lieu of a rifle.

Big Iff

Liberals will make up any excuse to make the US look bad.


Yeah, just ask Danny Pearl.


See my reply below. Glad to know who you support.


Nice race card you played there. It’d almost be valid if I’d actually said anything about race in my comments.

Here’s another example: 4 headless bodies found in Mogadishu, suspected of being killed by militants because they thought the 4 Somali men had helped rebuild government buildings. Was in the news today. I feel bad for those (headless) guys because they were trying to better their country and got killed for the same reason Danny Pearl did.


So your standard for what’s acceptable is “it’s cool, the Taliban do it as well”?

Way to keep your high ground there.


I think you missed my point.


The Apache’s are actually a lot higher than people think. The pilot flies by eye, and the gunner in the back seat uses the camera to zoom in and fire the weapons

Joeseph Goebbels

No, I spent most of the time going “oh shit! hahahaha he’s in peices now! You guys see that?”.


Yes, because someone who’s handle is Goebbels is genuinely interested in honest discussion.




Did I just blow your mind?


That is a pretty cunty picture. Does anyone actually think that our armed forces wants to kill innocents? It’s war, shit happens.




American soldiers seem to kill innocent people/allies a lot more often then other countries.


You mean as a representative percentage of armed forces serving throughout the world? Or in raw numbers? Because an overwhelming percentage of soldiers serving in conflict are American. So the shit that happens, happens to American soldiers more than others. But on the whole, our military is the highest trained, most professional, and hardest working of any military in the world.


Yeaaaah no. Best equipped, probably, and even that’s not a guarantee. Hardest working, I think it’s cute you think of them like that, but it doesn’t actually mean anything. Most professional, certainly not, if only because it’s a massive bureaucracy and has severely lowered its recruiting standards just to keep up with two major occupation wars. Highest trained, once again, no. Look for the British, the Chinese, even the French for that.


Highest trained militaries would go to the Israeli’s, Russians British, the French, The indians and the Americans. The French are actually some badass motherfuckers, they build very good aircraft. The Chinese are trained well in hand to hand combat but that is about the only advantage they have over the rest of the world.


How could I forget Israel?


Nah, it’s just publicized more.
The Taleban did their fair share. So did the Sandinistas, Khemer Rouge, etc.


Well there’s a difference. When a the military of a democratic country kills civilians, it’s a sloppy mistake.

When the Taliban/Khmer Rouge do it, it’s a deliberate action to purge the unbelievers/subversive bourgeois element.

Not that it makes any difference to the victims.


Seriously? You think when the Taliban kills civilians it’s because they dont mean to? Bombing markets by accident? Pol Pot killed his own countrymen by mistake? They kill(ed) civilians to bring the people to their knees.

Do you have any clue how many US troops have died as a result of our efforts to keep the non-combatant populace safe? The US military are not butchers. There may be a few bad apples, but by and large our military is stocked with professionals, not murderers. When these things happen, it usually is the result of a mistake.


When you hide on a corner and point a round, shoulder mounted object at a helicopter gunship that is typically shot down by round, shoulder mounted weapons, it shouldn’t be too shocking when you get shot at. And no soldier’s are ever trained to miss.

Joeseph Goebbels

It baffles me why people would rather side with someone who rapes women and wants to bomb your train stations then with an ally soldier who risks his life fighting for the country you’re so comfy in.

Stupid liberals.

Think Tank

Those kids in the minivan deserved to die because why? Does not wanting children to be mowed down by Apache gunfire make me stupid? They didn’t even help them when it was figured out they were civilians… And for what? They have a different religion? They allow the raping of women? We allow it too, as long as you have the money to shut people up. We allow innocent people to die in the name of profits. And what train station bombings are you talking about? London was Pakistanis, and Moscow was Georgans… Do innocent people die in war? Yes.… Read more »


The kids in the minivan actually survived.

Think Tank

While this is a better outcome for the children, it’s still heartbreaking to think that they no longer have a father and have the physical / mental scars that go with living through and being witness to something like this. Also, while I appreciate a slightly more positive outcome, all it really does is change the first “die” in my post to “lived through”.


’cause American soldiers have never raped anyone, or bombed any train stations.


inb4 massive thumbs down on logical posts.


I don’t get it…

IMHO if you’re stupid enough to get in range of the US Army you deserve to get shot. Have a nice day!


Remind me never to get ‘in range’ of the supposed-friendly-to-me US Army then.


“get in range of the US Army you deserve to get shot”
seriously? wow some people amaze me

and yeah the guys they were with had guns but I thought America preached the right to bear arms? 🙂 hypocrisy at it’s finest ahh
they sure as hell didn’t look like a threat to me in that vid


Listen, everyone can say what they want about the US, the Apache gun cam, and innocents being killed in war. But until you’ve been there, been shot at it, seen your friends die, seen innocent civilians die from suicide bombings in markets, you DON’T know what the fuck you’re talking about. You don’t know what it’s like being in combat, being under the stress of countless hours of mission time, hot, exhausted and carrying 80 lbs of gear. Yes I have been there. Served 2 tours in the 4th Infantry Divsion, 1BCT, 1-66 Armor BN, US ARMY. I was a… Read more »


I don’t think anyone said that every soldier was like that. But there is evidence that some do that kind of stuff.

What I personnally find most disgusting is the attempts at cover-up and protecting the fuckers who fired in a crowd.


I completely agree on the cover ups. And unfortunately it will happen.
I’ll be one to say that we don’t always get the brightest kids in the Military. I chose to join because I wanted to, not because I had to… and unfortunately the “join the Military or go to jail” still happens.


Here’s another view of the same engagement, with a little less slant:

Looks like our guys went by the book.


Cool numbers and e-penis length there.

Still, innocents have died.

Cool story, bro.


Uhhh right, no innocents were harmed in the making of WWII?


If nothing else, I LOLled at the last image/caption 🙂


Dated post is dated.According to our former glorious leader Bill Clinton it`s the right wing loonies we have to conquer now.(Were to start our reconciliation with Arab nations.Starting with Syria.Scuds to Hezbollah?Republican lies!)


My BIL is going back for his fourth tour in June. FOURTH TOUR! It’s fucking ridiculous, he has a new wife and three school age kids. They’ve got him by the short hairs. He’s got ~ two years left before he can retire and the only he can get out of it is to quit…and lose his pension. How can anyone stay sane under those conditions. Every time he thinks he’s done; he gets recalled.


Yeah, if I hadn’t have gotten injured like I did, I would have been on my 4th tour with my unit.
It’s definitely a strain mentally as well as physically.


The soldiers in the unit in the Wikileaks video have issued a formal Apology.



ridiculously, ponderously, and pathetically one-sided.
Why does the left always send the very stupid to speak for them?