sony fanboys

sony fanboys

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    strawman fanboys


    I own a PS3
    and I approve of this message


    That makes two of us. Fanboys are a plague upon gaming. Just play the damn games and have fun!


    Almost as bad as apple fanbois. Not quite though.


    The same goes for most fanboys, sadly.


    Fanboys of any stripe are fucktards.


    You can be a fanboy and still be objective (at least I am in my Megadeth/Metallica arguments).

    But not PS3 ones, fuck those guys.


    Agree with image.


    I got no horse in this race, as I play everything on my PC, but Sony fanboys annoy the crap out of me. Remember when they had a massive campaign to bitch out X-Play because they gave a Sony game a 5 out of 5?

    It got a perfect score and they still bitched!

    Fuck Sony fanboys.


    I miss when it was Sega vs Nintendo


    I have a PS3 an it is awesome. All I gotta say is :


    I own all three consoles and PS3 is the best on the market. Period. For those that play video games on a PC, you are the true fag boys.


    Because a PC is a great communications tool, you can do your work on it, you can design, create and publish your work through it, TEH INTERNETZ, it is a multimedia tool (it can replace your stereo, DVD player, TV, Cable, etc…) AAAAAAND it plays games?

    Sure, we’re real fags. And you’re consumer whores.

    casemods UID# 667

    From PS2 wiki: “The Network Adaptor was released on July 19, 2001 in Japan (together with the Hard disk drive) , in August 2002 in North America and in June 2003 in Europe. Two models were available – one with a dial-up modem and an Ethernet (RJ-45) jack for broadband Internet connection (sold in North America), and one with only an Ethernet interface (sold in Europe and other regions). A start-up disc (“Network Access Disc”) is included with the Network Adaptor and installs a file on the memory card for connection settings which are accessible by all but one… Read more »


    So did the Dreamcast, and even the N64 ventured it (although it failed big time), they are talking about subscription service that is global, like Xbox Live.

    What you refer to is NOT an unified network for multigaming.

    “Instead of having a unified, subscription-based online service like Xbox Live, online multiplayer on the PS2 is the responsibility of the games publisher and is run on third-party servers.”

    Playstation Network is not necessarily the same as “being able to play online”.

    casemods UID# 667

    But I think it is.

    A lot of games had online and you didn’t have to pay.

    To me, that’s better than xbox live, which requires you to pay.

    Greed kills the gaming community.

    I would have never played any games if I had to pay extra to play a console online.

    That’s like having internet, but having to pay extra to play a game online.

    Oh, shit, stupid people already do that with games like World Of Warcraft……..


    Back then you still had to pay for your own Internet connection, and you couldn’t control the quality of the individual third-party servers because you weren’t exactly paying them.

    I’m not into online gaming, in fact, I hate that so many games focus on it and forget about the single player experience. I suppose the upside of paying is the better-quality service than a free server, in which you can’t complain about the quality (or lack thereof).

    I’m sure the PS2 network games suffered for having no online fees at some point.

    casemods UID# 667

    I agree. Battlefield 2 basically killed gaming for me. I think it was mostly because of A-10 tank killer 2 (and probably any other games with jets that I never actually played) had these killer missions that you would have to fly for like 5 minutes to bomb a city or tanks. Then BF2 has NO single player what-so-ever (and no-multiplayer with bots does not count as single player) Also, I play ATV offroad fury 2 and socom us navy seals – and I can only say good things about the experience. First PS2 online game was frequency demo on… Read more »

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