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    if the ‘woman’ slashes at a door with a butcher knife while you’re on the other side, then see the tip of the knife finally come thru the door, is it acceptable then? you know once she clams down and you need to claim your ‘WTF Bitch!?!’ moment?

    Jesus Christ

    I’m a chick and fully expect to be hit back if I throw the first punch. Oh, and I do mean a punch. None of this hair-pulling-scratching bullshit. I say anyone who throws the first punch forfeits any, “lol u can’t hit me because im x.” social-stigmas.

    Then again, I’m a gigantic faggot.


    I generally agree, but I do ask any guy to consider that any punch I throw isn’t gonna hurt. I’m fine w/ the concept of equal damage.


    Agreed, though It could also be argued that a woman hitting a man, especially one they know won’t hit back, is a form of emotional abuse that can be more damaging than any physical abuse the man might be able to mete out in return. These kinds of things are what leads to temporary insanity pleas… Not that this kind of thing has ever happened to me, but I think I would generally not be inclined to hit back, depending on the circumstances, I’d be more inclined to restrain the woman, or leave the premises. If a woman picked up… Read more »


    I can see and somewhat agree with your point. Me being a male, I was raised to never hit a woman, unless she puts herself in a mans position by throwing the first punch. Even then your only supposed to knock her ass down, not beat the hell out of her like you would to another guy. Then again domestic violence chages work both ways (well in my state atleast) so if I get hit by a woman, I could always go with option B and call the cops, and let her get locked up with some 300 lb dyke… Read more »


    And let’s rack that up to “shit that never happens” when you go by the statistics/reality. Sure, there are some crazy women, and this may constitute for one out of every million cases, but women shouldn’t ever be hit. And even then, really?

    Most women get beat for no reason, and that’s fucking wrong/sad/aggravating . Don’t try to justify it, or make some weird ass situation that’ll never happen.

    /had a schizophrenic stalker
    //with something a lot more powerful than a knife


    A BAZOOKA?!?!


    I don’t know, I’ve known more abusive females than abusive males. Men are just way more likely to hide that they’re being domestically abused. I know a man whose wife gave him a black eye. He just took it until she threatened his daughter with a knife. That’s the only time he’s hit her, and honestly, I think it was justified. If I ever seriously hit my husband or made him think that I was a danger to our children, he would have every right to hit me. Of course, those are the only two situations where it’s a legitimate… Read more »

    fracked again

    Its not acceptable to treat a woman like one what? Like a woman? Like a dress? Like a punching bag? Its gotta be one of these.


    I’m pretty sure it’s a dress making model. Although i don’t get why you would use a punching bag. I mean where are you going to find a cylindrical woman?


    This ad totally gives off the CONTRARY vibe it tries to portray unless you read the bottom text.

    As I scrolled I expected something like “I TOLD U TO GET ME A SAMMICH”.