Weed trading cards

GDP-card1.jpg (488 KB)

So my dad got his cannabis card or w/e and he went to the cow palace expo this weekend and got a couple of these weed trading cards

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    weed trading cards? whatever happened to baseball cards? I guess that shit is old hat.


    AIDS, alcoholism, and anorexia? Seriously?

    Just fucking legalize this shit so we can regulate some of the stupidity out of it.


    As a pain reliever and something that gives people an appetite, I can see it helping both AIDS and anorexia.
    Alcoholism? Perhaps as a substitute?


    Alcoholic friend of mine nearly lost everything (family) due to drinking.
    Hasn`t had a drink in years, smokes instead.


    Unfortunately I know a few people whose life had been nearly destroyed by alcohol and drugs. It’s scary to see the hold they have on some people. W/ the kids up and out, I know have some alcohol in the house, mostly for cooking, but I never had kept anything stronger than beer in the house.