jewish toilet paper

jewish toilet paper

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    i thought money was the jwish toilet paper


    IB4 nasty, unfunny comment by KomissarKFC or whatever the fuck he’s called.


    I highly doubt a Jewish person would wipe their ass with the most well known symbol of their religion. A Nazi might though.


    *evil grin*
    your point being?

    oh and dont forget, the muslims and islamics would too so dont point fingers at me


    fuck what you heard. Muslims consider both jews and christians “people of the book”. it’s extremists (kinda like the Hutaree, only training/funding provided by the CIA to fight the soviets)who have taken over the religion and used it for terror. Oh, and the state of Isreal (not Judaism, the religion) is a sham. The Jews claim the land on biblical grounds. But it also says in the bible that the Jews wouldn’t be allotted the land until they changed their ways (that hasn’t happened and probably never will; Jewish bankers get rich by charging interest on loans, amongst other things,… Read more »



    When will we get an option to edit?


    bad and stupid shoop


    When did MCS become a racist, anti-semitic forum? Shame


    I`ve been wondering about the anti-Semitic part,myself.


    well its part of the actions to counter the otherwise liberal pro-gay and pro-drug environment that is MCS
    For every negative, there must of course be an equal and opposite Positive element to balance things out

    people post faggotry, then people must post naked girls, etc

    since theres nothing really to counter pro-drug, since pictures of cops and laws suck (unless its pictures of russian cops who look like Halflife guys) anti-semitism fills a gap


    That is a rather curious logic.

    fracked again

    So… To counter the good, funny and interesting, you offer steaming shit. Dislike Israel for its policies, not because you are a hopeless cunt.


    Would a patriotic American use US Flag toilet paper?

    Seriously, this should be retitled “Racist crap, not worth looking at”


    But is it Kosher?


    I was going to say “So, it’s kosher?”

    Think Tank

    It’s for when you have the schvitz…


    It’s not racist! Research the Star of David and see where it got it’s beginning.Hint,not King David.
    Israel got it beginning from the Rothschild family who made a deal with Great Briton prior to the ww2. Look for the Balfour Declaration. look at the site IfAmericaKnew(dot)com.