Hershey’s + Calcium

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    it reminds me of the paracetamol info leaflets which state under “side effects” that they can cause headaches.


    I had that once. Not knowing that taking paracetamol can sometime prolong headaches, I kept taking them. Ended up going to the doctors because having a headache for two weeks is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

    Doctor said I was having ‘analgesic rebound headaches’ and told me to stop taking paracetamol, and my headaches went away the next day.


    Rebound headaches can be nasty. I have to deal w/ them any day that I have to wait to take my pain meds.


    The label is a misprint. There is indeed calcium providing ingredients in the ingredients list, and Hershey’s website provides the correct amount of calcium in the product.

    I guess they had millions of these labels printed and didn’t want to waste the money spent on them. 🙂

    Big Iff

    photoshop fail



    Big Iff

    – is correct. Misprint. It should read 10% though.